5.0 Activation of new BYOP

What phone do you have?
Moto G stylus XT2043-4
What plan are you on?
Trying to activate 5.0 new acct for my wife that hasn’t been a customer for 2 yrs.
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
$20 plan 1gb

Issue Description

New Phone new or old account setup I really don’t care but instructions on 5.0 sim don’t allow me to activate. RW screen wants me to buy and make account is done but wants me to pay again.

You must activate the phone on the new/separate account.

And, if you did not purchase a plan through THAT account already, you will have to do so now…

If you previously purchased a 5.0 plan through your old phone account, you will be refunded for that purchase.

I wanted to merge my acct with my wife’s new acct for the $30 plan but I don’t know with being a beta member/discount & all the banners not being able to activate old members phones on 5.0 yet. do you see the problem now?

I understand your new acct purchase with a refund that’s not a problem but holding off yet to know the second part of my issue on the $30 account merge.

Has your wife already activated her phone?

Did she purchase a one-line or two-line plan for her account?

I am doing it in her acct as she is computer/phone illiterate. Electronics hate her lol.
I bought a $20 1 line plan and got a sim shipped to me! Sim is installed in the new phone, RW app is installed on the phone. Here’s where I stopped.
I need helo @andreas at this point.

First, you can UNinstall the Republic app.

It is not used with the 5.0 plans (and, will not work with the 5.0 phones).

Did you purchase the plan through your account or your wife’s? Or, did you purchase it through a brand new account using an email address not associated with any Republic account?

Purchased through her old RW account with no phones installed on the account.
Ok deleting RW app!
Is this a 5.0 sim?

Yep! That’s the 5.0 plan SIM kit.

You are likely going to have to create a new account, but you can go your wife’s account and then click the “Activate” link at the top to see if it will allow you to proceed.