5.0 Plan Upgrade possible?

Apologies if this has already been asked. Will the new 5.0 plans support plan upgrades? So if one started out with the “Need” plan and wanted to upgrade to the “Want” plan is there a way to do that or would we be ordering new SIMs for the different plan?

Also, has anyone received any of the new SIMs or seen any indication that any have shipped out yet?

While not possible at launch, the intent is for it to be possible to change plans. A caveat would be if there are two lines on the account, both lines must be changed to the same plan. It’s not possible to mix and match plans within a single account. No new SIM will be required when changing among 5.0 plans.

It’s being worked on:

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I’ll add one caveat to @rolandh’s answer, because I don’t like for people to be caught by surprise.

When you switch between plans on 5.0 you will not receive any prorated credit for the plan you are leaving behind.

So the best time to switch between plans would be as close to (but before!) your billing date as possible, or when you’ve used up all your data and don’t want to buy any more.

You will be prorated for the unused time on the new plan.

So, for example, if your billing date is the 1st of the month and you decide to change plans on the 15th, you will be charged for (about) 1/2 of your new plan, but will not receive any credit for the 1/2 of the old plan that you did not use.

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