5.0 plans not working

Republics new 5.0 network is not working at all. Republic said they cannot sell me a new phone until early December when the new 5.0 network is up. My old phone won’t hold a charge but I waited. Recently I bought a new unlocked phone as suggested by Republic. I am trying to get my new phone on the 5.0 network as it is not supported on the old Republic networks. I was not informed if this when I was told I could get a new phone elsewhere.

Well Republic it is now January and I am still hanging. Republic has not been forthcoming and has strung me along. I waited and did exactly as Republic said but now I am without a working phone and Republic will not help me


I hate to write complaints but I am at the end of my rope with Republic.

Hi @michaels.0wm3na,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I’ll try to take a look at your ticket history during business hours tomorrow.

We’ve had a difficult transition for some of our members, and I apologize that you’ve been affected. I’d like to assure you that our Help Team is not feeding anyone lies. They are struggling to understand the issues that have arisen, and help our members to the best of their ability. There’s a lot going on that depends on fixing from our engineering team, and these fixes are not anything the good people on our Help Team can personally solve.

Once we get you up and running on 5.0 (it does really work), we’ll make sure any billing matters are settled fairly so that you don’t end up paying for service you didn’t receive.

I’ll check back in with you in a few hours.

Hi @michaels.0wm3na,

I’ve reviewed your Help Ticket and chat history and have replied on your ticket. I believe we are on the right path to having your service working, and we look forward to continuing to assist you until everything is resolved to your satisfaction.

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My new phone is working on 5.0 network now. My wife has the second line in our account. Should I wait to move my wife’s phone to the new account? Republic is recommending that I wait before transferring numbers from their old network to the 5.0 network so it looks like I should wait before transferring another phone to the 5.0 network.

Hi @michaels.0wm3na,

Yes, please wait. In fact, Republic is asking anyone wanting to port a number to a 5.0 plan whether from a 4.0 plan or another carrier to wait until this status message changes:

Who can confirm that I won’t ve charged for two accounts? I opened a new account to get my phone on the 5.0 network. I’m being told to wait on moving the second phone so I have two accounts until I can move the second phone.