5.0 SIM ordered. SIM Received! Refund given

I am on the 4.0 plan. On January 9, I set up a new account with a different email address and ordered a 5.0 SIM with the intention of trying the 5.0 on a Moto g7 not activated with any carrier. The intent was to try the 5.0 plan and AT&T coverage in my rural area. My credit card was charged $20.70 for the first month on the 5.0 plan. I received the “RW Order Confirmation” email and, on January 12, the “Your Order is on its way” email - with a UPS tracking number. Since then the tracking number has only shown “Details not available yet” on my UPS app. This morning, January 15, my credit card shows a credit for $20.70 from RW. In my 5.0 account nothing seems to have changed since I first ordered the SIM and there is no indication of the credit. I was wondering if my SIM order was cancelled, and why, and how do I proceed with getting a 5.0 SIM.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @henry51,

Republic is proactively refunding the plan purchase attached to SIM orders where the SIM wasn’t activated. This does not necessarily mean the SIM you ordered never shipped. It may still arrive at your door, in which case you may save it for potential future use.

If you wish to go ahead with your trial, you will need to order another plan using a new account if a new account wasn’t used for the now refunded order. That plan will result in another SIM being shipped to you, however, if the first SIM arrives before the second, you may use the first SIM to activate As an aside, I think a trial before making the decision to move on from an earlier Republic plan is a wise choice.

If they issued a refund for a plan ordered on Jan 9th…sounds like another oopsy in the series of oopsies known as 5.0 launch :slight_smile:


I think they might simply be refunding everyone who purchased a 5.0 plan in light of the launch debacle. I received a refund yesterday, and I have a 5.0 line that I activated with no issue whatsoever on Jan. 3.


Thank you, rolandh. Yes, I had set up a new account to order the new 5.0 plan. I’m just puzzled why RW would proactively refund a SIM purchase made only 4 days earlier (Jan 9 and Jan 13). I guess I’ll hold tight for now and see if the 5.0 SIM arrives. Maybe there will be more RW member posting about this problem soon.

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So, when do you think you will be charged for your first month on the 5.0 plan? It’s hard to believe your first month will be a freebie.

It’s not another oopsie. Republic is painfully aware the launch experience delivered hasn’t been what was promised. As Republic historically has done, Republic will attempt to make things right for impacted members. That much has not changed.

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I wouldn’t be so certain of that. :slightly_smiling_face: By design, the first month is charged when the plan (and SIM) are purchased. If it’s been refunded, the first month will indeed be a freebie.

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I was charged on the order date (Dec. 30) and received a refund for that charge yesterday. My next billing date is Feb. 3. I don’t find it that hard to believe. When Republic Wireless launched back in 2011 I was one of the first customers. I went more than a year on that first phone and was only billed twice.

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It’s a bumpy launch, but from past and present experience, RW will make you whole for any financial issues surrounding the new plans. They’re extending refund windows and fixing other billing issues for folks that had upgrade hiccups.

Hang in there and be patient if you can. I would wait to get the all-clear from RW before trying to go from 4.0 to 5.0. Once I got beyond activation I’ve had a good experience thus far.

  • Less SPAM calls so far (I think this may be due to no longer having the “hidden” number that the pre-5.0 system uses)
  • Visual voicemail works for some phones! This makes checking VM and screening for SPAM calls much easier. Now I can send calls to voicemail knowing how easy it is to check the VM later on.
  • Better pricing (for many scenarios) and more data if you want it
  • AT&T coverage has been good in my area (northern suburban Detroit)
  • For some phone models WiFi calling still works, including all four of the phones I moved over

Right now the biggest post-activation thing I’m still trying to resolve\figure out is how to figure out how much data my phone has used. The RW app doesn’t seem to do anything for 5.0 users. The in-phone answers for data usage don’t seem right.

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As noted in other threads the RW App is only applicable for the my choice plans. You might as well uninstall it if you are using the 5.0 new plan.

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I just activated my Moto g 7 with Android 11 on the RW 5.0 plan after receiving my 5.0 SIM yesterday. Everything seems to work fine (so far) after entering the APNs. To see data usage I go to Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network. At the top I see “xxxMB used”.

Thanks for the tip! It’s my understanding, as discussed over here, that the information in there is just your phone’s unofficial accounting of data. I’d like to see an official accounting of data, preferable in an app on the phone and also on the RW website.

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I agree. The RW 4.0 app was chuck-full of useful information. It’s a shame the 5.0 plan doesn’t have a similar app. It’ll be one of the many things I’ll weigh when deciding my phones staying on the 4.0 plan or moving them to the 5.0 plan. I’m now on the 5.0 plan with an extra phone to see if the 5.0 plan is for me.

There is nothing unofficial about the native data usage. The reason why RW app usage was considered “official” in 4.0 or My Choice plans was that RW whitelisted or discounted the data used by the RW app to facilitate SMS and MMS. That is no longer the case in the 5.0 plans…ALL data usage including for SMS and MMS is counted towards your allotted data.


You may want to try the glasswire app as suggested in this post. Gives more granularity on the data usage.