5 Best Group Games you can Play with your Phone


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With the Holidays right around the corner, you might find yourself with a house full of kids and family members looking for fun games to play when you’re bored. Perhaps you’re traveling with the family and will be looking for things to do while on those long car rides, or waiting at your gate in the airport. Especially for those of you with teenagers who just can’t seem to put their cell phone down for one full conversation. We’ve put together a list of the best group games you can play with your phone that you can enjoy with your…


Here is a good standby that I keep bookmarked as a quick play adventure:

It may test friendships as everyone shouts techno-mumble-jumbo at each other but it is still nice free multiplayer challenging game.


Oh nice! I hadn’t seen this one before. I’ll definitely be downloading that prior to my upcoming family Thanksgiving festivities :turkey: