$5 WiFi only plan still available for 2.0 phones?


I have a X2 that I would like to switch to the $5 WiFi plan. Is that still an option?


Yes there still the $5 WiFi only plan on 2.0, one can request this though the Republic app and the plan will go into effect on the next billing cycle


Hi @michaelk.lwutcl,

I’d suggest you enable Airplane Mode and then reenable WiFI when on the WiFi only plan to prevent battery drain from attempting to connect to cell… My G3 will go more than a week between charges since doing so.

Enabling Airplane mode then re-enabling WiFi will prevent the phone from trying to activate on a cellular network, while allowing the phone to make calls and send texts to the US and Canada over WiFi. Why is Airplane Mode Recommended for International Travel? – Republic Help



Thanks for the tip


Your welcome. It should help extend the overall battery life due to fewer recharge cycles over the years.


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