$50 for 12 months of unlimited talk & text + 1GB data


Is there going to be something from Republic Wireless competitive with this for everybody’s/plan (including the $15 minimum available now)? $15 (plus tax) for zero data is looking worse and worse. . . .

FreedomPop has a SIM card bundle for $50 that has unlimited voice & texts + 1GB of data for $50 that covers 12 months.

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Hi @jeffreys.hyvkj7,

We do not change our plans to match competitor’s promotions.

If you give this a try, please let us know how it goes.



Honestly? I wouldn’t buy that plan if you gave me the money. That’s just how I feel about Freedompop. If you go for this, go in with your eyes wide open. Read all the fine print and read the reviews on Amazon.



Isn’t this basically a duplicate post of Any planned competition with $12.99 FreedomPop with some data? Something seems phishy (or would, were it presented with a referral link).

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The couldn’t pay me $50 to take that service from them. I actually need cell service that works.



So far their free 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 250MB + 500MB (“friends”) data works fine and every time I need it. Some people not liking it must not have access to AT&T 4G.



Has any one tried Tello they are out of Alanta GA, I had a email
from them an an they had a good deal going $14.00 for 1 gb an unlimited call an text. But they use sprint for there carrier.



For the adventuresome, since they removed the link. . . . Just search for the text pasted below to find the listing:

LTE SIM Kit - 3-in-1 - Voice/Data Bundle & 12 Month Plan Save 71%

Why I think (yes, MY personal opinion) Republic needs to get on the ball and have minimal data for EVERYBODY. . . .

“For less than $5/month, get Unlimited Talk, Text, & 1GB LTE Data with FreedomPop’s 12-Month preloaded LTE SIM Kit. This 3-in-1 SIM works with any unlocked Android or iOS smartphone compatible with GSM networks. Activate when ready, plug this SIM in, and get Voice, Text, and Data at blazing-fast LTE speeds.”



No guts no glory and I’d bite on that if offered and try on a spare beater phone just to see if they’re as terrible as some have reported and check out the ATT coverage in my area. If they paid me $50 to take the year of service it might cover some of the ancillary fees that I’d likely incur over a year. One must read between the lines of all FreedomPop offers.




I’m assuming they still charge extra for voicemail and for MMS? I have 3 phones on the free plan, and don’t have those features, and no call/text domestic roaming.



FreedomPop, where we have the freedom to sneak in oddball charges that we didn’t bother to tell you about and make getting any information a nightmare?

I’ve used them for very spare things, and I’ve always been stung. I am always suspicious of them.

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FreedomPop has a really bad reputation for a reason. They hide extra charges everywhere.



Honestly, after reading reviews of FreedomPop on Amazon, I’m even more appreciative of Republic Wireless’ customer service and upfront pricing.

@jeffreys.hyvkj7, have you tried FreedomPop for at least 25-30 consecutive days as your primary number?

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I’ve had FreedomPop on 2 phones for more than a year. I haven’t paid anything extra, just the 200 free minutes, 500 texts, and 750 MB per month. You just have to know how they operate (as in, read terms and conditions. . . .)

I have multiple things on the phone used the most (which is low use by any standards). Besides FreedpomPop for cell phone/data connection there is MagicJack that matches the number for the MJ connected to the main phone line at home and then the Google Hangouts (whatever it is) for yet another means of dialing out. I’m not dependent upon the phone for my survival. If it is important people and send or leave a message.

One thing I did find out is that in the last year sometime they changed the the switching to the free setup from the introductory SIM card (99 cents or 1 cent) to require a $5 credit on the account to go down to free. I got a couple extra SIM cards for 1 cent thinking I’d just have some spares, but then found out they wanted $5 to downgrade. Those were just cancelled and nothing paid other than the initial 1 cent. But the 2 originals are still working fine in 2 phones.

Another thing of interest is that if you don’t call anywhere and use no minutes in a month they charge your card on file 1 cent. I have no idea why, but it is there in the terms so I make at least 1 call each month. I also don’t know why they need any $5 to downgrade, because they have your credit card info on file, so what’s the big deal in holding $5? Their biggest problem is that they don’t specify how things work clearly and act like they are trying to take advantage of people, when if they just spelled things out and worked at it it could easily prove a better way for a lot of people.

Also, MiFi things work wonders (nice eBay ones) for 3G data. :smiley:

Often I use the 4G data from FreedomPop to make MagicJack calls. For some reason at times it doesn’t even record the MB of data used. Strange.

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You already knew the obvious answer and a poor way to inform members of another provider’s deal. RW has their own promotions and doubt you go to other provider communities asking similar questions.

Some members appreciate hearing about what other providers may have to offer if you’d do it in a dignified manner. You may also want to think about expanding your horizons beyond FP for future recommendations.

You’re pretty much preaching to the wrong choir by posting here anything about any deals FP may have to offer. Once you respond to other’s criticisms trying to defend your experience with FP the hole gets deeper. IOW you’re not doing FP any favors by bringing out more negative views expressed here.


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I used Tello for a while before I switched to RW last year. it was after RingPlus went belly-up, and they had used Sprint’s network, so several other Sprint MVNOs were offering promos directed at RingPlus orphans. Their customer service was OK (better than RingPlus, though not as good as RW), and their prices were the best I could get at the time for my levels of voice/text/data usage. With the price drops since, they’re an even better deal – IF you have decent Sprint coverage where you live.



I switched to RedPocket’s GSM-A (AT&T-based) service late last year, because I could get 360 days’ worth of service with 500MB data/month for just $60/year through one of their eBay-exclusive service card deals. Had I wanted to keep the 1GB data/month I was getting with RW, RedPocket had a similar service plan card for $99/360 days. (These prices also work for RedPocket’s T-Mobile-based, Sprint-based and Verizon-based services.) On the other hand, I did have to commit to a full 360 days of service (they used to offer 365 days, but no more), and I’m not getting unlimited talk & text at those prices, and those uber-cheap prices are usually only offered on eBay by RedPocket in the late fall/early winter as a holiday promo. Plus, I’ve heard mixed reviews about RedPocket customer service. If RW were still refunding unused data, I would be strongly tempted to switch back, even if it meant ditching the unexpired portion of my RedPocket service.



Republic Wireless hasn’t cancelled the refund plans. They’re just for the legacy RW phones: Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.).



Unfortunately, my phone isn’t a legacy RW device; it’s a Moto G4 Play, which I brought to RW during a BYOD promo for new GSM customers.


If RW were still refunding unused data, I would be strongly tempted to switch back, even if it meant ditching the unexpired portion of my RedPocket service.

Republic Wireless hasn’t cancelled the refund plans. They’re just for the legacy RW phones: Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.).



Well over all I still believe that RW is really the best bang for the
dollar. I have tried most of the carriers an they have all kinds of extra charges + taxes . RW has been up front an an is workingp
on some great ideas


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Expert customer