5G Moto Z4 clip on

When will the add on component be ready? How much will Republic Sell It for? Who will be the service provider? I think when I am in Republic the provider is Republic. Why am I reading about T-Mobile/Sprint?

Hi @bdi_dick.b,

The 5G Moto Mod you reference is exclusive to Verizon. Neither of Republic’s cellular network partners is Verizon, so there isn’t a reason to believe it will ever be ready for use with Republic or that Republic will sell it. There’s always the theoretical possibility something might change, however, I’m not seeing reasons to expect that.

Please allow me to provide some context regarding Republic’s cellular coverage. Your service provider is indeed Republic, however, Republic doesn’t own a cellular network. Rather, Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is the now T-Mobile owned Sprint. T-Mobile and Sprint have merged but the networks remain separate. Depending upon phone and/or location, cellular coverage is provisioned with one partner or the other not both simultaneously.


I bought the Z from Republic. It is supposed to be unlocked. I do not know which format it is. But with your info does it mean that I have to leave and go to Verizon? Or does it mean that I need to abandon the investment in the Z4 and get the best - Samsung S20? Is it a correct assumption that Republic will be supporting the 5G where available with the ‘new phone’?

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Your Moto Z4 is factory unlocked. If you wish to use the Verizon exclusive 5G Moto Mod with it, then, yes, Verizon is currently the only game in town. I would suggest verifying Verizon has actually rolled out its 5G coverage where you typically use your phone. To date, said rollout is limited, marketing hype notwithstanding.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is currently the only 5G capable phone sold at Republic’s online store. As Republic has yet to announce current or potential future plans for 5G support, I wouldn’t assume anything.

At this point, relatively few providers outside the now big 3 carriers themselves offer 5G coverage and theirs is limited in terms of deployed locations or speed depending upon which one is looking at. Frankly, and I understand this will ultimately change, 5G today remains more marketing talking point than meaningful reality. We’ve seen this movie before, the same was true of the transition from 3G to 4G cellular network technologies.


My 2 cents
right now 5G is all hype (from the major brands) to get consumers to buy more expensive phones
the millawave 5G does have great speed but is over a very short distance and needs line of sight so unless you live under a tower you can basically forget about, the more standard 5G has very little improvement over 4G LTE that it not really worth the upgrade (give it a few years and it might be worth it as the price of handsets come down

so unless your a 1st adopter (which means you should be on one of the major networks) one should not be to concern for 5G yet (may be by 2023 but more like 2025 should this be a concern)

I Know my next few phones will not be 5G (wife {not on Republic} will most likely be getting a Pixel 4A this fall and when/if Republic supports it (I expect they will I may also be getting on by years end)

Thanks. I did not mean to imply that this thing was URGENT. I just thought that since Republic sold me the phone they would have that add on. I also know that by 2023 there will be two services in the sky world wide. One will be by Bezos and the other by the Satellite/care maker Musk. 5G will then be almost world wide. Yet I don’t know how well the signal will be. Supposed to fill in all the cracks. As I understand it there are already 220 satellites up there getting ready for more and to be turned on. The user will pay direct. It will not be done thru any of the big 4. I want to be ready for the wave.

Third party transactions are neigh unto impossible. Eyeball to Eyeball works every time!

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