5G Network and 3G compatibility

Hey everyone,

I was talking to a cousin today about cell phone plans. She mentioned as of Dec. 2020 3G and below devices won’t be supported by the new 5G network. She also mentioned at that same time carriers won’t offer text and talk plans, all plans will be data driven. Does anyone know if this is true and what that mean for the RW unlimited talk and text plans? Thanks!

Hi @stevet181,

There are kernels of truth to that information, however, it’s more than a bit overstated. It’s true, network owners are in the process of retiring 3G networks, however and depending to some extent on the specific network in question it’s unlikely to be complete by December 2020.

At this point, 5G is more marketing talking point than reality. 4G LTE is likely to be the primary cellular network technology for some time to come. Even when 5G does become the dominant technology, there’s nothing inherent to it that says a service provider wouldn’t be able to offer talk and text plans only. I don’t expect to see them go away entirely.

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