5G will be released soon. When will Republic Wireless release 5G?

Hi Everyone,
What is RW doing about 5G?
When will 5G be released, month/year?

Please let me know as I am very curious,


I think much of what we are seeing about 5G is marketing hype … an example is documented here is an article in Verge

  • As always Republic will announce it loud and clear whenever they have something they can announce

Unless I see at least 3 websites that you have only said , it is hard for me to disbelieve it.

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@jben is correct. 5G will be released on a limited number of expensive flagship devices in a limited number of markets in 2019 with wider rollout in 2020. For now, it’s mostly much ado about nothing. In any event, Republic wouldn’t have much say in 5G support. that’s dependent upon manufacturers releasing 5G capable phones and Republic’s cellular network partners supporting 5G on their networks (as opposed to talking about doing so).


‘I’ didn’t say it … and the link in my comment provided one source … hit this link to see the results of the AT&T 5G E query

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Here’s a 3rd to the previous answers. 5G right now is a lot of marketing hype. You can expect the Samsung S10+ to be around $1,200. You can also expect it to work on “true” 5G in a small handful of locations by the end of 2019. The millimeter wave frequencies much of 5G will run on hasn’t even been auctioned off by the FCC yet (https://www.telecompaper.com/news/fcc-approves-terms-for-mmwave-5g-auction-in-2019--1273112)

“most cities will not see the deployment of the technology in 2019.” from www.govtech.com/network/What-is-5G-and-Why-Will-it-Take-So-Long-to-Arrive.html

“At the end of the day, what consumers need to know is that there’s no 5G, yet.” from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jessicabaron/2018/12/23/why-ruin-5g-before-its-here-att-to-give-customers-fake-5g-icon-next-year/

Finally, Republic will NEVER release 5G. They don’t own their own networks, when their carrier partners upgrade, and 5G phones become available, then 5G will become available on Republic.


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