6.0 Marshmallow

Can I install marshmallow 6.0 in a Moto G 3rd generation phone

Hi @earld.wpnrtn,

The short answer is no. Background on the reason for that here: The Evolution of Republic. Quoting:

Android™ 6.0 M only

  • RW 3.0 is built on and only works with Android M currently. We will only be able to sell Android M phones (and future Android releases down the road like N, O, etc.), and we won’t be able to upgrade our Moto G (3rd Gen.) devices to Android M as they are tied to our previous RW 2.0 architecture and we have no clean way to migrate them over. To put it in plain terms: Motorola is working on upgrading the Moto G (3rd Gen.) phones to Android M now. We could do what we’ve always historically done - abide by often lengthy 3rd party certification timeframes and focus our engineering efforts on upgrading that one phone, the Moto G (3rd Gen.). Or, we could take the necessary steps to focus on RW 3.0 with these same resources and advance Republic to its next evolution. This was not an easy decision for us, but we felt the right decision was to focus on RW 3.0 as it would benefit more people given the breadth of devices and service it enables. If you recently purchased (within the last 30 days) a Moto G (3rd Gen.) and were really looking forward to getting Android M, you can of course return it and we’ll be glad to help find another solution that works for you.

No. There is no Republic Wireless carrier version of Marshmallow available for the Moto G 3rd generation phone. Republic Wireless chose to move on to their 3.0 phones and plans rather than update the Moto G 3rd generation phone. Your Republic Wireless Moto G 3rd generation phone will forever remain on Lollipop.

So, what am I supposed to do regarding vulnerability to Spectre & Meltdown? If I can’t update to 6.0 from my Moto 3g 5.1.1,…
As soon as I can, I’m going to leave Republic and go to some other carrier where the phones are not locked into such a rigid system.

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Hi @maryg.yjqglb

Sorry to hear you are disappointed to learn that your current phone will not be updated past Lollipop (5.1.1).

Your Moto G 3rd. Gen. is a RW 2.0 legacy device with a modified ROM to work with the Hybrid Calling features native to Republic Wireless, and is in fact “locked” to the carrier.

All newer phones (3.0) are Factory Unlocked devices that have no such restriction and can be used on any carrier that will accept them.

I realize this does nothing to improve your situation, I just wanted to add some context regarding

edit: originally, I somehow dismissed the first half of the OP’s quote. Corrected.


Do you recall what document or article your quote was drawn from? A link would be nice for those wishing to review it in full context as I would like to do. Thanks.

Here’s an idea, I took a snippet of the text Roland wrote, pasted it in the search box at the top of the screen, and lo and behold the article…


Thanks for the link. I do remember reading the 05-16 news some time (>30 days) after purchasing my G3 in late 07-16.

It’s too bad RW Store didn’t note the lack of future updates on the still available Legacy phones’ info pages for the 6+ months they were still sold.

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Are you saying RW customers on RW 2.0 will not get security updates against Spectre and Meltdown?!!? Please tell me this is not true.

this is most likely the case as most phones that are 2 or more years old (from release date) do not see any updates
Republic 1.0 and 2.0 does not work on the 6.0+ android OS and the OEM is no long maintaining the OS on these phones (they have moved on)

other Apple and Google this is the normal update cycle in the Cell Phone Industry
(Samsung has a few phones that seen an OS updates at 3 years but not a sure thing)

just for a frame of reference the last phone released for the 1.0/2.0 plans was the Moto G 3rd was released in 2015 and we are 2018 (2 and half years later)
in that time the OEM changed ownership (from Google to Lenovo) and the new owner does not want to deal with any carrier version of the phones

any update to legacy phones require the OEM to release a base code (which they are not doing), have Republic issue the modification it needed to make their system work (team that did this has moved on to other projects as Republic no longer needs a modified ROM for 3.0) to the OEM to recompile then both OEM and Republic need to test the new ROM before they can submit to Sprint for approve(and this was very time consuming a month base assuming the ROM was approved and if not then Republic and the OEM need to restart).

A lot like Intel pimping their new processors as the latest and greatest all the while knowing they are fatally flawed. Pursuit of the almighty $ supersedes all else.

The only phone it would have applied to was the Moto G3. No other carrier version of any of the other phones has been updated either (nor will it be).

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Yes, that’s true.


I gathered it was the only applicable phone when seeing Moto G (3rd Gen.) mentioned repeatedly and apologize for my misplaced possessive apostrophe. Thanks for noticing and bringing to my attention. In the future I’ll try to remember to more carefully proofread prior to clicking on Reply.

What a truly pitiful way to treat loyal customers.

why are you holding Republic Responsible for this?
the Phones are over 2 years old and the OEM has stop supporting them ever the Non Republic version will not see fixes for those
(even the Moto G 3rd where the unlock version got a 6.0 update will always have those security flaws)

Republic does not release the OS updates the OEM does (this has been true since the seconded Beta Phone the Motorola Defy


The Moto G 3rd gen has a Cortex-A53 core. According to ARM, it isn’t affected and requires no update:

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