64 GB Moto X4 is now available in our online store!

Today the 64 GB Moto X4 joins the 32 GB version in our online store for $419.


The 64 GB Moto X4 has 4 GB of RAM, supports up to 256 GB micro SD card and is available in Super Black or Sterling Blue.

The Moto X4 available for purchase for all of our coverage areas because it can be equipped with either our GSM or CDMA SIM card.


Can I simply move the SIM card from my Moto G4 Plus to the Moto X4? Looking to upgrade phones and if a simple SIM switch will work the X4 is a no-brainer.

If the SIM type is GSM then you can simply swap the SIM card and install the Republic app.
It see if your current SIM type open the Republic app on the old phobe, go to the setting tab (:settingsicon:) then go to about it will be listed below the phone number


Hi @copperbottom

As an additional note, if you are buying a phone direct from Republic Wireless, the phone should ship with a sim card included. All you have to do is sign into the Republic Wireless app on the new phone and select upgrade for your phone line and it should move to the new phone without even touching the sim card.


Just want to add that if you end up moving the SIM card, the G4 Plus SIM card size is MICRO, you will need to remove the outer edge from that card to make it NANO size to insert it into the X4.

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