7.0 for Moto X Pure



Has anyone received this? Does anyone know where. We will?


Hi @keithl.iuyvp3!

If I am not.mistaken, 7.0 was released for the Moto X Pure last year. Go to Settings, then scroll down to System Update, and then tap Update Motorola Software. That should get you the update. Does that answer your question?



It started to roll out in April 2017, very slowly. So at anytime it should show up. Some are getting it, so I suppose we must remain patient:



Unfortunately my phone says up to date but clearly says it has 6.0.


Hmm, that’s interesting. I guess Motorola’s being cautious with the update? It was announced back in April. According to this thread, it was already released:

I guess as @littletoucan said, it’s still rolling it out. At least it’s coming ;). I am still rocking 5.1 on my X2!


They started off with a soak (beta) test with a small group of users. Then… something happened. Maybe they hit a few bugs / issues to sort out. They haven’t expanded it out beyond that though.

Not yet at least. Still holding out hope.


Well, that’s why they do soak tests I guess.


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