7.1.1 update status on G4 Play for RW users



Has anyone with the G4 Play received the Android Nougat / 7.1.1 update yet? I’ve seen some articles indicating it has been released and have checked for updates several times in the past week but no updates are available.


Here’s what RW says about updates


I understand RW is not controlling the process. Just curious, though, whether other customers on the network have received the update that has been written about on Twitter and on various other sites.


As per this link

This was just rolled out in Brazil…so hopefully you will get your update soon.

Based on my own experience with Moto X Pure…and how long the Nougat upgrade dragged on… I wouldn’t hold my breath for this update. Lenovo has proven time and again untrustworthy on
their upgrade projections and timelines.


Back in June when they announced that Nougat was coming to G4 Play and a soak test had started, I was very excited, then 6 months later, nothing and I totally gave up hope of getting Nougat.

Now it’s hit Brazil and I am hopeful again but also feel like I will be let down once again.


I saw on Twitter that Verizon users are receiving Nougat. I still have not received it on the Republic Wireless G4 Play.


There is no such device as a Republic Wireless G4. It is the factory unlocked model. It is neutral and not swayed or linked to any carrier.


Has anyone in the U.S. and on the Republic network received 7.1.1 yet for the unlocked G4 Play yet? I know it’s out of RW’s hands, but I am curious whether any customers in the U.S. aside from Verizon’s customers have received it yet. I still have not.


I never got it on my device. I don’t believe anyone in the US has gotten it on the G4 Play (other than those with the Verizon branded version).

I have sworn off Moto based on this lack of support for their devices so I hope Republic continues to widen their BYOD outside of the Moto brand


I request that Republic Wireless’s buyer contact the Lenovo/Moto account representative to complain on the behalf of Republic’s customers. I think whoever is in this role will have a greater likelihood of being heard.


It seems the same is true with Samsung. The U models are the last to be updated. The cure for this would be all carriers choosing to use the U models but doing so would interfere with their locking the phones to the terms of their contracts.


Yes. I just got it about 45 minutes ago.

The SprintDM box says and I’ve been getting the ‘Configuring your cellular network…’ ‘While configuring your cellular service may be temporarily unavailable. It shouldonly take a few minutes. retry 2 of 5.’ This is the 2nd time through so it’s actually try 7 of 10.

The RW box says ‘Connected to the cellular network’

I can not get cell data.

wifi is working, wifi data is working, my vpn is working.


Have you tried turning off your VPN? This will reduce the distance and number of servers that the load has to make it through.
In the past I have had an OS update fail, then when I went into the next room where the 5GHz was stronger, it immediately restarted right where it had stopped and continued to completion with no problems.


I think leaving the cement box building I was in along with turning off the VPN did the trick. I’m now able to connect to the web using cellular. Hopefully this will help the next person that has trouble. Thanks jben.


Good to hear … probably a combination of the cement and the steel re-bar that holds the walls up. Glad your back in business


Anyone else having SIM network lock PIN issue since the upgrade?


That would mean you were sold a phone that wasn’t actually factory unlocked. If you look at the software build, does it say “CC”?