7 Day switch phones and switch back again..Possible?

Hi, I currently have a Pixel XL that I use daily. I need to use that phone for a week for something else. I still have my old Huawei Ascend phone. I charged it up and it started, so it still appears to work. I was wondering if I could pull the sim card out of my Pixel, put it in the Huawei and use it as my phone for a week, then switch back to the pixel? If so, what are the steps? Are there any gothchas I need to be aware of? I’m on the T-Mobile GSM network and I am on one of the My Choice Talk & Text plans.


No gotchas at all. You can move the SIM to the Ascend, open the Republic App and you’ll be good to go. Then just do the opposite on the way back.



So, I don’t need to go online and change phone in dashboard or anything like that? What does Phone Assignment do in dashboard?


You need to launch the RW app on the Huawei Ascend phone…that will walk it through a short activation routine. Once the Huawei Ascend is activated on that line of service…it will automatically update the Device ID of the phone (under the caption “Republic Supported Phone” )as listed on the Account Portal.

You don’t have to do anything separately on the account portal.

For those with multiple phones and users on their account, the account holder can allow the users additional control over the phones.


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