7 Shopping Apps to Save you Time and Money


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In last week’s post, I told you the next post would help you save even more money! This category is my favorite of all: Shopping! There are so many retail apps out there. Which ones actually save you money without being an added hassle? Here are the 5 best shopping apps that will keep your wallet happy. ___________________________________________________________________________ Step 1: Scour the pantry, refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets to discover what groceries you need. Step 2: Make a list of everything you are running out of. Step 3: Look through ads for deals and clip coupons Step 4: Finally get to…



Doesn’t anyone value privacy anymore? Why would you be so willing to give up your privacy to save a couple of dollars? The more information you give these data miners, the more easily and more frequently they use your own personal and private information to manipulate you. You have no idea…


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