A Beginner's Guide to your moto g play (2021), moto g power (2021), and moto g stylus (2021)

A Beginner’s Guide to your 2021 Moto G, including:

  • moto g play (2021)
  • moto g power (2021)
  • moto g stylus (2021)



Hello fellow Republic Wireless Member! I see you received and unboxed your shiny new moto g play, moto g power, or moto g stylus! :smiley: :cellphone_green:

But what do you do next? :thinking:

Here are a few basics to help you understand how to set up and use your new phone on Republic Wireless! :rw_app:

For basics that are common to all Android phones, please see: A Beginner’s Guide to Android

Table of Contents

Set up the phone

How to insert the SIM card (or microSD card).


Note: If you purchased your phone from Republic Wireless the SIM card will already be installed in the phone for you. :smiley:

How to sign in to your Google Account. :playstore:

Please see this guide written by a fellow Republic member:

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a New Android Phone with a Google Account

Navigating your phone:

The default setting for moving around in your phone is called Gesture navigation.

This can be changed to a 3 button navigation if desired:

How to update the Android Build. :android: :gear:

Your phone left Motorola’s warehouse with Android 10 installed. Since its manufacture date, there may have been updates to that software. Please check for updates by following these steps:

  • Before starting, you may want to make sure your phone is on WiFi. System updates can be large files that will consume a lot of your cellular data if you try to update over cell.
  • Also make sure your battery is well charged, or connect it to the charger before beginning an update.
  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap :gear: settings
  3. Tap System
  4. Tap Advanced
  5. Tap System Updates
  6. On some phones, you may also need to tap Update Motorola Software

How to complete Republic Activation: :rw_app:

Activation is done on the phone in the Republic app.
For step-by-step instructions, please see the following help article:
How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card

Install or update the Republic app in Google Play and complete the activation process.

  • If you are an existing Republic Wireless Member and replacing the existing line of service please choose the Move number to this phone option at the time of activation.
  • If you are establishing a new line of service, at the end of the activation process, you will be assigned a new phone number based on your billing address.
  • If you prefer to transfer a different number to your Republic phone, that step is done after activation. See here for detailed instructions:

Now that you have completed your Republic Activation, let’s confirm your phone’s Basic Network Settings. You can do that Here:

Start using the phone

Powering on, off, and waking your new phone

The Power button can be used in several ways:


  • Power on/off: Press and hold the Power button, then tap Power off. When your phone is off, press and hold the Power button to turn it on.
  • Restart: To restart your phone, press and hold the Power button, then tap Restart.
  • Sleep/Wake up: To conserve battery power and prevent accidental touches, put the touchscreen to sleep by pressing the Power button. Press it again to wake it up.
  • Forced Power Off/restart: Holding in the power button for 10-15 seconds will immediately shut the phone off. It will then restart. This should be used only if your phone does not respond to any other commands.
    Note: If you set up a PIN, Pattern, or Password the phone will power on to a lock screen. *See Locking and Unlocking a phone below.

The difference between off and asleep :expressionless: :sleeping:

The difference between the phone being off and the phone being asleep is as follows:

Sleep: :sleeping:

  • Sleep is a power-saving state, the phone is still on.
  • You can receive phone calls and text messages while the phone is asleep.
  • Waking from sleep is nearly instant. :grinning:
  • The screen is dark to save battery power

Powered Off: :expressionless:

  • When the phone is off none of its electrical components are running.
  • Battery will drain at a negligible rate.
  • Cannot receive phone calls or text messages.
  • Slow to boot. :yawning_face:
  • The screen is off because the phone is off.

Locking and unlocking the phone. :lock: :unlock:

Note: Whenever the phone has been inactive for “sleep time” or “screen timeout” (default is 30 seconds)…then the phone enters locked mode to prevent inadvertent or unauthorized usage. However, you can make emergency calls on a locked phone. A locked phone still rings, and you do not need to enter a PIN or password to answer a call.

To unlock the phone:

  • Press the power button
  • Swipe up on the screen
  • Enter your PIN or password and tap on the blue circle with the arrow or draw your pattern to unlock the phone.

What happens if you forget your PIN, password, or pattern? :woozy_face:

If you forget the PIN, password, or pattern then the only way to recover from that state is to factory reset your phone. You will need to know your Google account and password that was originally used on the phone in order to get back into the phone after the factory reset.

Calling and Texting

How to Make and Receive Calls: :telephone_receiver:

You can call by choosing a contact, returning a missed call, or using a voice command to start a call.

Dialing from Recents, Contacts, and with a 10-digit number.

  • Recent calls will show up on the main page of the dialer app, simply tap the recent entries there to call them.
  • Contacts can be found in the dialer by tapping the “contacts” button found on the main page of the dialer app.

How to answer a call or send to voicemail.

How to check voicemail. :voicemail:

You’ll find a voicemail icon notification at the top of the screen when one is left for you. In the phone app, tap on the voicemail button (bottom right) and then the “play” icon to listen to it.

For additional tips on using Voicemail, see: Alternate ways to check voicemail

How to send a text messages with Messages or Republic Anywhere

Basic SMS

  1. Tap the :messages: icon to open the Messages App
  2. Tap Start Chat
  3. Enter a 10-digit phone number or Contact name (suggestions will appear as you start typing that match your contacts)
  4. Type your message in the field marked “Text message” and then tap the arrow on the right to send the message.


  1. Tap the :messages: icon to open the Messages App
  2. Tap Start Chat
  3. Enter a 10-digit phone number or Contact name (suggestions will appear as you start typing that match your contacts).
  4. Add more numbers or contacts to the list
  5. Tap the blue plus sign to attach an emoji, sticker, etc or tap the camera icon to attach a photo from your gallery or take a new photo using your camera.
  6. Tap the arrow at the bottom right to send your message.

Please note:

  • At this time, Republic Wireless does not support the RCS Chat Features in Messages by Google. You can learn how to turn it off here:

You can download a copy of Republic Anywhere from the Play Store here:

[Republic Anywhere]


How to use the camera: :camera_flash:

How to view your photos: :mag:


How to find the apps drawer (and why). :thinking:

  • From the Home Screen swipe up from the bottom to the top. The app drawer should open.
  • The apps drawer is where all installed apps can be found and if desired, added to your home screen, other screens, or placed inside a folder.
  • New apps can be found and downloaded from the Google Play Store.

How to open and use the Republic Wireless app

Note: If the Republic Wireless app is not on your Home screen, open the apps drawer, locate and tap on it to open.

  • The Republic app launches to the “My Data” tab and shows you how much cellular data you have remaining in your current billing cycle.
  • Tap the :rw_3: tab to show “Your phone info” including your phone number and voicemail settings.
  • Tap the “ ? ” icon to run some diagnostics, manage your account, visit the Help Center, or open a service ticket.
  • Tap the :gear: icon to adjust your Republic app settings.

For additional tips on using the Republic Wireless app, see: Republic Wireless 3.0 App – Republic Help

Another useful app available to moto phones is Device Help.

The Device Help app has:

  • Diagnostic test for hardware and performance.
  • Moto Care (Warranty and protection information).
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Motorola contact.

Volume Control

How to adjust the volumes. :level_slider: :level_slider: :level_slider: :level_slider:

Media Volume. :musical_note: :mega:

To change default notification sound:

  • Go to setting> Sounds> Advanced >Default notification sound and tap to choose a new one.

Call Volume :musical_note: :ear:

Note: The in-call volume can be changed only during a phone call by pressing the volume up and volume down buttons.

Ring Volume. :musical_note: :telephone_receiver:

To change the ringtone for the phone:

  • Go to setting> Sounds > Advanced > Phone ringtone and tap to choose a new one.

Alarm Volume. :musical_note: :alarm_clock:

  • To change the default alarm sound go to settings > Sound > Advanced and tap on Default alarm sound to pick a new one.

Do not disturb/priority mode.

Additional Resources

Users Guides from Motorola (Downloadable pdf file):

Download the User’s Guide to your phone for convenient access right at your fingertips!

Special thanks to @jumphour for reviewing this Beginner’s Guide for its application to the moto g stylus (2021).

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