A Beginner's Guide to your Samsung A10e and A11

A Beginner’s Guide to your Samsung A10e/A11.

For basics that are common to all Android phones, please see:
A Beginner’s Guide to Android


Congratulations, you’ve received and unboxed your new Samsung A10e/A11, and followed Republic Wireless’ activation guide. What’s next? Here are a few basics to help you understand how to use your new phone.

How to find your online Samsung Quick Start Guide

Samsung A10e Quick Start guide.

Samsung A11 Quick Start guide.

How to find your online Samsung Owners Manual

Samsung A10e Owners Manual

Samsung A11 Owners Manual

Table of Contents

Set up the phone

How to insert the SIM card

Instructions can be found in the Republic Wireless Help Center.

How to sign into your Google Account

See this guide written by a fellow Republic Member.
A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a New Android Phone with a Google Account

How and why to create a Google Account.

  • A Google account is crucial for a smooth Android experience. Your Google account is used for everything from your contacts, to the app store (very important).
  • On a PC or Mac you can follow this link to register for a Google account.

How to add a fingerprint to the phone. (A11 Only).

  • During first setup you will be asked if you would like to add biometic unlock, from here it will guide you on how to add initial fingerprints.
  • If you need to add fingerprints after first setup simply go to settings -> biometrics & security -> fingerprints -> add fingerprint.

How to setup facial recognition unlock. (A11 Only).

  • During first setup, like with fingerprints, you will be given the option to configure facial recognition. Simply follow the prompts from there to setup facial unlock.
  • If you wish to add facial unlock after first setup you can find the option under settings -> biometrics & security -> face recognition.

How to update the Android Build

The Samsung A10e shipped with Android 9 out of the box, while the A11 shipped with Android 10 out of the box.
Since its manufacture date, there may have been some updates to that software. Check for updates by following these steps:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap System
  3. Tap Advanced
  4. Tap System updates
  5. If you see “Your device is up-to-date”, you are all set.

How to complete Republic Activation

*Activation is done on the phone, in the Republic app.
*For step-by-step instructions, go to the activation wizard at: https://republicwireless.com/activate/

  • Your phone comes with the Republic Wireless app pre-installed.
  • Update the Republic Wireless App (if required), and complete the activation process.
  • If you are an existing RW member and replacing the existing line of service please choose the Move number to this phone option at the time of activation.
  • At the end of the activation process, you will be assigned a new phone number based on your billing address.
  • If you prefer to transfer a different number to your Republic phone, that step is done after activation. See here for detailed instructions
    Number Transfer: Overview – Republic Help

Start using the phone

Powering on, off, and waking your A10e/A11

Power on

  • Charge the phone.
  • Press and briefly hold the power button found on the right of the phone.
  • If you set up a PIN and enabled the setting, then the phone will power on into a locked screen. To unlock the phone, swipe up on the phone screen, Enter your 4-digit pin and then tap the check mark at the bottom right.

Power off

  • Press and hold the power button on the right of the phone.
  • Tap the “Power Off” button on the screen.
    If you would like to restart your phone you can also select “restart”.

Waking your phone

To wake your phone from sleep simply tap the power button on the right side of the phone.
A11 owners also have the option of using the fingerprint sensor to wake the phone by placing a registered finger over the sensor for a brief amount of time.

The difference between asleep and off

The difference between the phone being off and the phone being asleep is as follows:

Phone Sleep:

  • Sleep is a power saving state, the phone is still on.
  • You can receive phone calls and text messages while the phone is asleep.
  • Waking from sleep is nearly instant.
  • The screen is dark to save battery power

Phone Powered Off:

  • When the phone is off none of its electrical components are running.
  • Battery will drain at a negligible rate.
  • Cannot receive phone calls or text messages.
  • Slow to boot.
  • The screen is off because the phone is off.

Locking and unlocking the phone

To lock the phone

  • Whenever the phone has been inactive for “sleep time” or “screen timeout” (default is 30 seconds)…then the phone enters locked mode to prevent inadvertent or unauthorized usage.

To unlock the phone,

  • press the power button
  • swipe up on the screen
  • Enter your PIN, password, or pattern and tap on the :white_check_mark:
  • A11 owners can additionally unlock by facial recognition or fingerprint if setup to do so.

What happens if you forget your PIN/PW/Pattern

If you forget the PIN, password, or pattern then the only way to recover from that state is to factory reset your phone. You will need to know Google account and password that was originally used on the phone in order to get back into the phone after the factory reset.

Calling and Texting

How to Make and Receive Calls

How to make a call

*Note: you must dial 10 digits for all calls.


Note: You can tap the speakerphone icon any time during the call to enter into speakerphone mode

Dialing from recents, contacts, and with a 10-digit number

Recent calls will show up on the main page of the dialer app, simply tap the recent entries there to call them.

Contacts can be found in the dialer by tapping the “contacts” button found on the main page of the dialer app.

How to answer a call or send to voicemail

  • To answer a phone call swipe the green button to the right.
  • To send to voicemail swipe the red button to the left.
  • To mute the call simple press any of the volume buttons once.

How to check voicemail

How to send a text messages with Android Messages or Republic Anywhere

*Note: you will receive a prompt to install the Android Messages app. The Samsung Messages app is not compatible with Republic Wireless

Basic SMS

  • SMS messages are short text messages sent to a single recipient.
  • Open the Republic Anywhere or Android Messages app


  • MMS messages are text messages with attachments, like photos, or text messages to a group of people.
  • Open the Republic Anywhere or Android Messages app


How to use the camera

Tap on the camera icon on the home screen to open the camera app. From there simply point at what you would like to capture and press the shutter button. It is recommended that you explore the camera to learn its controls.

How to view your photos


How to find the apps drawer (and why).

  • The apps drawer is the container for all your apps, whether you’ve added them to your home screen or not.
  • They are listed in the order apps are installed by default, and there may be more than one page (or screen) of apps on the list.

How to sort your apps

Sorting Options:

  • App shortcuts can be listed alphabetically or in your own custom order.
  • Alphabetical order: Sort apps alphabetically.
  • Custom order: Arrange apps manually.

A10e Owners:

  • From Apps, tap More options.

A11 Owners:

  • From apps tap the three dots on the right side of the search bar and select sort.

The Republic Wireless App Overview

  • The Republic Wireless app is used in conjunction with Republic Wireless service and lets you manage data, voicemail, and settings.
  • You can also request Help from Republic, connect with our Community, or search our Help Center.
  • For additional tips on using the Republic Wireless app, see: Republic Wireless 3.0 App – Republic Help

Volume Control

How to adjust the volume

  • The up and down volume “rocker control” is located on the right side of your A10e, directly above the power switch

You will be able to adjust

  • in call volume
  • media volume


On your A10e/A11 you can set several different ring tones / sounds

  • Call ringtones
    1. From Settings, tap Sounds and vibration > Ringtone.
    2. Tap a ringtone to hear a preview and select it, or tap Add to use an audio file
      as a ringtone.
  • Notification ringtones
    1. From Settings, tap Sounds and vibration > Notification sounds.
    2. Tap a sound to hear a preview and select it.
  • System sounds
    From Settings, tap Sounds and vibration > System sounds

For the A10e this information is also available on printed page 98 of the user’s manual, (online page 109.)

For the A11 this information is available on printed page 100 of the user’s manual.

Do not disturb/priority mode

  • You can enable or disable Do Not Disturb mode by swiping down from the home screen and tapping the Do Not Disturb icon.
    *When Do Not Disturb is enabled, you will not hear any notifications and your phone will not ring.
  • You can set up exceptions for this in the settings.

Additional Resources

Where to Find the Manufacturer’s User’s Guides

On the A10e/A11 itself

  • Go to settings/help


Contact Samsung Support

Message an
Expert customer