A billion phones at risk!

Hide the women and children. Kind of a sucker headline so typical of British tabloids but I was surprised to see such on the normally less strident BBC 'site.

The story is about Android phones on 6.0 and sugary names prior being subject to easier malware infestation. I was not aware so many peeps keep their phones for such a long time. If you have an older phone it would be worth the read.

Makes a nice headline, but any connected device is at risk of hacking. All devices whether old or brand new have security vulnerabilities that can be exploited. In most cases it wouldn’t be worth the time and effort.


Nothing new really…there is always some major security exploit or vulnerability in all smart devices. Not just them, but also hardware level things, like how any computer with an Intel CPU dating dating from last year to 1995, can be “hacked” in some fashion and is not something that can be fixed with a software or firmware update.

At least, if you own a Google Pixel phone, you get the latest updates to the Android OS as soon as possible…while the millions of other users on other brand phones, most of them are running much older out of date software with plenty more of well known and un patched security vulnerabilities.

EDIT: LOLZ. Just after i post this, i see in my daily tech news sites, a new article about a new Security issue discovered with Intel CPUs that can not be fixed…see…always something.

This article is interesting.

and the image:

It’s a jungle out there. I use all the security I can find. I think it’s safe to say it’s time to start saving your critical files on a blockchain. Checkout Blockstack.org

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