A bit like musical chairs but for phones [HELP REQUEST]


Phone #1: 2013 Moto X with faulty wifi radio
#2: 2013 Moto X in good condition
#3: New Moto G4

I need to take #2 and give it to the owner of #1, who will then need to put all of her data on her new phone. Then I need to take all of my data from #2 and put it on #3, hopefully retaining my phone number in the process. I just ordered #3. I know the SIM card from #1 will work in #2 so that isn’t an issue, but will my SIM from #2 work in #3? I’m trying to keep everyone’s data intact and phone numbers the same. Thank you.


Hi @barbarap.lbtynj

Just tp be clear, on the Moto X’s the sim is tied to the phone not the account, so they must remain in place. On CDMA the SIM card is used to access 4G/LTE only and contains no personal information,

If you ordered the Moto G4 from RW, it will come with a new SIM. If ordered from a 3rd party you will need to purchase a SIM from RW or Amazon. The Moto X’s SIM will not work in the Moto G4.

Backup all data on Phone #1 (much can be backed up to her Google account… photos, apps, contacts, calendars, etc.) Text messages will need to be backed up by a 3rd party app.
Do the same with Phone #2, and FDR or Factory Reset the device so the new owner starts fresh.

Activate Phone #2 using the login credentials associated with Phone #1, and select Existing Account in the activation flow.

Likewise for the new Moto G4. See the documents below for more detailed instructions or just ask away and we will walk you through it until the music stops.


Thank you. So when I give the working Moto X to the person with the broken X, we’ll need to keep the SIMs in place but transfer her number and account to the working X. That’s doable, right?


Activate #3 as a replacement for #2, After you get everything you want from #2, factory reset it. Activate #2 as a replacement for #1.


Thank you very much. Will do.


Yes, absolutely.

@cbwahlstrom summed it up nicely. :solved:


Be sure the disable the “Kill switch” on #2 before giving it to new owner…as outlined in the Factory Reset document linked above.


Got it, thank you


(actually forgot to link the FDR document, fixed, thanks @amitl)


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