A c|net Article on Wi-Fi Calling

OK, so likely not EVERYTHING you need to know.

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Is anything published at CNET everything one needs to know? Regarding their assessment of the “facts” pertaining to Republic Wireless:

Republic Wireless falls back on only T-Mobile and Sprint when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.

This will lead to some concluding Republic offers Fi-like switching between GSM and CDMA, which as we all know is wrong. It’s WiFi plus GSM or CDMA.

You can also bring your own phone to the carrier, as long as it’s the North American variant of the phone, it’s unlocked and uses GSM technology.

Again, not exactly. A phone needs to be North American factory unlocked and listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. No carrier branded phones (whether North American variants locked or unlocked) work with Republic. Factory unlocked and carrier unlocked are not the same thing. Though all bring your own phones start on GSM, some can be moved to CDMA. Those phones are listed here: What Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help.

Someone needs to tell CNET, the devil is in the details, which this mostly rehashed from 2015 article fails miserably at providing. Publicity is good but otherwise, CNET has done Republic no favors.

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Feel free to post your comment to the cnet article to correct the info. Or even better if an R.W rep can officially contact them.

Because, yea, reading that makes me think that R.W is just like Fi, but uses 2 cell networks, and also, that one can bring any unlocked phone.

Obviously, the author of that article did not do proper research. (quite common thing on cnet articles, in my opinion.)

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