A Couple Months Overseas

My daughter is going overseas for a couple months. I am going to have her use a different service while gone by swapping the SIM cards. Will there be any problem switching back to Republic Wireless when she gets back? Can I just replace her RW SIM card she already has? I already paid for her RW service a year in advance (for the cost benefit).

Hi @jacobw.tiquq9

You mention that you have paid for one year of service. The Republic SIM will remain active as long as you are paying for service, even if the SIM is not installed. It will remain active even if your daughter uninstalls the SIM to install one local to her.

If the one year period does not expire until after she returns, just make sure the SIM doesn’t get lost. She can switch between the RW and local SIM. This way she can use the RW service to call and text numbers in the US over WiFi.

You may want to refer to the very handy guide, written by a fellow customer, on international travel with a Republic phone.


Thank you, johnny5! This is helpful. I read the article, and I noticed the author recommends getting a local SIM card once in the country overseas. I’m not comfortable with my daughter waiting until she gets to the other country and trying to swap the SIM card herself. I would rather do it for her here in the States before she leaves. She has a layover in a different country before she flies to her final destination, and I want her to be able to call home without a problem if needed. And I don’t want to rely on the possibility of WiFi being available. So I’m going with Straight Talk wireless. Make sense? Any advice?
Thanks again!

You are welcome, @jacobw.tiquq9

Here are some things to consider:

If your daughter is going to a metropolitan area, there is sure to be WiFi there. If she is going to a remote, primitive area, there are likely to be times where there is no WiFi.

I recommend you teach your daughter how to open the SIM tray and swap a SIM before she leaves. This is a useful life skill and she may find herself in a situation where she needs to do it, Having been shown how and practiced may be important.

Since I don’t know where you daughter is going, I can’t say if Straight Talk is a good choice or not. I checked their site for details of their international service and found this “Includes certain cities in the countries below”. This indicates their coverage may not be as good as a SIM from a local provider.

I won’t post the URL as it goes to a competitor but if you want I can send you the link as a Direct Message.

My daughter took her Republic phone overseas and it worked well for her. The audio quality on a call over WiFi was very good.

I would concur.

Generally, it’s more cost effective to wait and acquire a local SIM upon one’s arrival. In most cases a local service provider would swap the SIM for your daughter. If you’re comfortable doing so, please share the final destination country and we may be able to point to other options.

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