A Discount Card Idea for Republic Wireless


I’ve been a AAA member since 2014. One of the benefits of being a AAA member is that I can use my membership to get discounts with other businesses. I’ve only taken advantage of that one time when I rented a car this year, but I was very thankful for the additional savings I received.

Many people are members with RW because of the savings they receive. Can RW do something similar to AAA by creating partnerships with other businesses and allow RW members to have additional savings through a RW discount card?

This will potentially:

  • Attract new customers to RW and the businesses they partner with.

  • Give members another reason to stay with Republic Wireless.

  • Help members save even more money and continuing the branding process of making RW a budget friendly phone carrier.

I’m sure there are especially a lot of small websites out there that would love to offer discounts in exchange for more exposure to their products, and I have a good reason to believe that there are bigger and even major companies that would be willing to partner with RW, too.

What do you think about this idea?


Honestly, I don’t understand this at all. Republic is a small company. They can only do so much. The amount of effort that would be required to strike and manage a meaningful number of partnerships wouldn’t be trivial. You mention AAA. Anything that Republic could do would pale in comparison to the program AAA has which has been in existence for decades and is run by a much larger, national organization. It’d probably just be better for Republic customers to join AAA if they’re looking for something like this.


RW has tried a few things in the past and people are people. Someone finds a way to exploit the idea which has cost RW money and also the customer money. People actually sell discount codes on Ebay and Craigslist. I don’t see it happening anytime soon.


I have to agree with the replies. Bag the gimmicks. Offer a good product at a fair price, and customers will find you!


Hi @aFloridian,

We’re always looking for new ways to bring value to the brand. I think, as @louisdi points out, doing so on a permanent, national basis is something best left to a company who has made that their purpose. However, we do from time to time build value-added partnerships, and we have a great team who looks for opportunities to bring those kinds of partnerships to our members in a way that is aligned with our values. For example:

In Raleigh, our Pop-up shop partners with a food distributor that specializes in locally-produced snacks. Visitors to our Pop-up shop are offered delicious, local snacks, on the house. (Coming by? Don’t pass up the chocolate-covered pretzels!) We also partner with two parking decks near the Pop-up shop to validate parking so our members can visit us without the hassle of paying for parking, and stay to enjoy an afternoon or evening downtown. We’ve partnered with a local book store to encourage family reading time, and we host events with the bookstore in our Pop-up shop.

Also locally, because fitness and family are two of our corporate values, we’ve partnered with Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) to provide Wi-Fi at the soccer tournaments. I was just out at a tournament this morning where we gave away free pop-corn and set up a photobooth so the families at the tournament could have a snack and create a souvenir without breaking the bank. We’ve also partnered with US Club Soccer and offered the same Popcorn and Photobooth opportunity at their national championships in Indianapolis earlier this year.

Because we have a large membership in the Salt Lake City area, and specifically at BYU, we’ve partnered with BYU with sponsorship opportunities at their games. We’re giving away tickets to BYU home games throughout the current Football and Basketball season.

We also partner with bloggers who share our values.

As part of these partnership opportunities, we also sometimes offer exclusive discounts to the partner groups.

I don’t think we’ll ever try to build a national “show your arc and save” program, but we continue to look for opportunities for partnering in a way that enhances our value as well as our values.


That’s good. I also saw in the past two weeks or so that Cricket Wireless is stopping its reward program, so it seems like RW’s philosophy on partnerships is more sustainable.