A Farewell Message to RW from a Beta Member with feedback


So, on the 3.0 plans your bill would be $20. On the Fi base plan it’ll be $20 plus whatever data you use. Acknowledging that Fi has the carrier switching and internal aspects of their plans, but that you didn’t mention either of those in your note, how is the Fi plan, which for your usage will be more expensive, more attractive?

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Fi has the carrier switching and internal aspects of their plans

Those would be the reasons. For the extra like $2-$5 dollars per month, those innovations might be worth it to me. I like to visit national parks especially, and like to travel generally, and having those abilities sound appealing (even if I don’t use them every day).

For context:
My last cell footprint (from the Republic wireless emails) was 0.21 GB; 0.31 GB before that; the month before that was 0.24 GB ; 0.36 GB before that. etc


Thanks for clarifying. I just caught you’re a beta member, so you’re Republic bill would actually be $18. But if you think that the other features may be important, you’re right, Fi can be compelling for low data users with those needs.


Why are you still on 1.0 plans with this amount of usage?
1.0 base cost for a Moto G 1st Gen with data is $25+tax

you should have moved to 2.0 Refund plan years ago (2.5 when they became an option)
on 2.0 you cost would have been $10+$7.50 (for 512 MB of data) +tax (and most states the Tax is only on the base $10) and any unused data would have been Refunded so your total bill would have been about $15, (a $300 saving over 2.5 years)
now if you upgrade to 3.0 you will only need 1 GB so the cost is $20 ($15 base + $7.50 for 1 GB - $2.50 low data user discount) +Tax (in most states only the base $15 is taxable)

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My wife and I are both beta members and thus all of our costs include the 10% discount. On the 2.0 plan over the past year we have averaged a total cost of $14.75 each for a total of $29.50. On the 3.0 plan my cost is $22.42 (with discount), so a total for both = $44.82. That is an increase of 52%.

For me the issue is mostly psychological. I enjoyed the game of conserving data, using HERE on off line mode for GPS for example. So now, when I come to the end of the month and still have used less than 0.5 GB, it seems like I have “wasted” the unused data, yet I don’t really need more most of the time. So, again psychologically, paying $7.67 extra per person per month while using no more talk/text/data seems like a lot.

At the same time, I absolutely agree that the 3.0 1GB plan is still a good deal compared to almost all other companies. I also agree that, compared to previous RW plans, there is extra value in the greater choice of phones and BYOD.

The T Mobile senior plan will indeed tempt us once my wife’s 1st gen moto X dies, but I’m not sure we will actually go for it. Other than that, I know of only one other company that is clearly cheaper for low data users but they seem like a more bare bones organization than RW. (Unlike RW, they limit talk and text, not a problem for us.) I may experiment with them after a while.

So for now I am staying with RW, will report back if I try that other cheap option. Friends of mine who I turned on to RW are still bragging about paying less that $15 per month. (They have not been on RW as long as I have, so their 2.0 phones are still holding up.) So, again, it is the psychological jump in cost that I am feeling.

For the record, I don’t see the basis for the anger that Timothy expressed


this sums up my option on new plans vs old plan (TL:DR things change over time)

No where did Republic (a Prepay service) that plans will never change
*beta plans are beta there cheap because the product is a work in process and not up to par
1.0 was also a learning process Republic learn that if one offered 5 GB before slowing down data people will sign up and use it and those that used little choose to have non (the number this really surprised Republic)
Republic introduced 2.0 Refund plans to encourage less data to be used (and to encourage those using non to us a little)
with 2.0 introduction Republic gave a 1 year time before 1.0 would be turn off (this was extended as long as Legacy phones where used later)
2.0 did not have as many converts as Republic was expecting and the complexity was keeping new subscribers away
also many people want access to more phones that where not tied to Republic like the Legacy phones
3.0 phone do not need a custom ROM (Google add the necessary hooks in 6.0+ android OS) but being out of the ROM means data controls and then end of Refunds
Working with both a GSM and CDMA provider has increase the $10 plan to $15 in 3.0, the data over all cost is $7.50 a GB vs $15 on the Refund plan this is most likely due to the breakage that the tiers have but at least the tiers are smaller so one can fit in the one that best suits you.
I feel 3.0 is a good compromise between 1.0 and 2.0

Edit to note
I currently on a 1.0 $25 3G plan with a Moto X 2nd Gen
I on 3G as I do not need 4G LTE speed most of the time (and do upgrade when I want them but most of the time 3G is good enough for me) and 1.0 vs 2.0 I use more than 1.5 GB of data and 1.0 is a better value than the Refund plan (and if force to move to the refund plan I would be looking else where as the amount of data I use can be found for better value at other MVNO)
when My Moto X 2nd Gen life ends (it dies or performance becomes unacceptable) I will find a reasonable priced 3.0 phone and move to the $30 2 GB plan of 3.0


I don’t buy that part of your statement. They clearly know how much data one is using, and there are no root firewall apps to help one control their data usage.

I think it has more to due with how Republic is buying service from the carrier. For example, if Republic pays a set amount per phone and this amount is use it or lose it, then there in no way for Republic to offer refund plans, rollover of data or combining of cellular data between phones.


Having been in the industry with a carrier (not Republic) in the past, this would be a REALLY unprecedented agreement. The only model of MNVO agreement I’ve seen charges the MVNO a set cost for a base set of services (generally an active line plus either unlimited or a certain amount of talk/text) and then the total consumption by the MVNO’s customers for data. Doesn’t matter if all the data is used by one customer, or spread across a million, that doesn’t change the cost of the data portion.


If that is the case, then there is nothing that prevents Republic from offering any of those options outside of spending engineering money to make it happen.

Republic has a problem. Not only are they going to lose many of their 1.0 plan customers, but a number of plan 2.0 customers are leaving too, including at least one of our two phones.


Well, I think this might be considerably easier said than done. With 2.0, Republic was able to do so by modifying the ROM. As far as I know, no one including Google has otherwise yet done so. One might ask that given Google both controls the Android operating system and has considerable engineering prowess, it has not built the type of data saver controls in Republic’s 2.0 app into either Android itself or the FI app. We know it can be done with access to the operating system. Republic did it with 2.0. Apple has similar controls built into iOS.

Some might cite the existence of various firewall apps as proof it can be done. I’d ask one take into account a data leak in a third party firewall app doesn’t place any liability on the app developer. A service provider selling cell data and a solution to limit using that data would be a whole different ballgame.

It’s a more than fair point to suggest some percentage of both 1.0 and 2.0 members are dissatisfied with the value 3.0 offers. I believe Republic values every customer, however, how statistically significant those percentages are is an unknown to us. Republic knows or should know, how many folks have left and how much interest (in terms of new members) 3.0 is generating. Based on that knowledge, those running a business should make prudent course corrections as needed.

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Your perception is that Republic has a problem. Neither you or I know if they do. We have no idea of the rate that they could be signing up new members that fit the profile that the new plans encourage, and those seem to be the customers that they want. They’ve been working to get people off the 1.0 plans, I can’t imagine there’s too much pain in losing those plans.

Neither you or I can answer whether having another 2.0 type product would be worth it to Republic. We don’t know the engineering effort and we don’t know the numbers other than Republic previously said that customers, in general, disliked the model. Google Fi (the other carrier which such a model) isn’t exactly a mainstream carrier.

Finally, Republic has a problem. To offer refunds the data cost MUST be significantly higher because you can’t rely on breakage for profit. How’s the message work? On the 3.0 plans you can have data at $7.50/GB, but on the 3.0b plans it’s $15/GB with refunds? Does that even make sense to try and have that type of offering in the market?

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I just had to add my 2-cents. I’ve been very pleased with Republic for four years now. I started with 1.0 w/ a Moto X @ $10/mo and now on 3.0 w/ a Moto 5G+. @ $15/mo. Sorry, but I really can’t think of anything to complain about. Give me a few days to think of something, and maybe I can come up with a complaint. Essentially my basis of comparison is the $27/mo landline that Republic replaced along with the greater flexibility that a mobile phone gives. Even with the cost of phones, I calculate that I’m significantly ahead money wise. And, since I don’t figure it makes sense to “fix something that ain’t broke”, I’m not planning to switch. Just call me “Easy to Please”.


Yes, Republic makes money off of me. That’s why I was surprised when they announced that we could not simply upgrade our phones and keep our plan…

I didn’t like the 2.0 plans for various reasons-- including how complex they made 2.0 . You are correct in that: From a cost perspective, the 2.0 plans are better for me; from a value perspective, the 1.0 plans are superior (IMHO). Hence part of the reason why I stayed on 1.0. (I also didn’t like that you could not swap back and forth between 1.0 and 2.0, but neither of those are issues now since new phones are neither 1.0 nor 2.0).

Given that I am forced to look for a new plan, I won’t restrict myself to only considering Republic’s offerings. No one should. This is where Fi might win as a better value for me even if the cost per month is slightly more.

Hope that makes sense.


I’ve been poking around in here for about 30min and have seen lapdog residue all over the place. The only thing that makes any sense is that some comments are coming from people on RW bankroll. I’ll never be back to check on this post, or forum, so do you’re worst RW minions.

You’re fired!

Where the heck did that come from? Everyone is being civil here. Please give respect when respect is received! We don’t need that talk here nobody has been attacking you or your decisions & comments.
Thanks for being a beta member.


Hi bocephous
Well Here is one of the Happy campers I just got my son in law on RW . He had a crappy phone it didnt work right etc. So had this moto E2 laying around set up a account for him got it activated for him an he thinks it great. What surprised me is duo,the video calls work on the phone to.
I have it on my phones as well great app from google.


I’m also an original beta user. I’ve felt a lot of loyalty to RW, because of the cost/benefit ratio and because of what I saw as the company’s forward-looking and customer-focused “attitude.” Part of that “attitude” that I appreciated was the “beta member” discount. Somehow it made me feel like part of the company. I still think the service and products are pretty good for the price, even though there always seems be a few idiosyncrasies, probably due largely to their having to work with and around so many other technology companies. And the customer-facing people are great.

Like some other “beta” users, I didn’t think my loyalty was reciprocated when I added a second line and they cut off my “beta discount” because (as I understand it) I put my name on the new line and put my wife’s name on the original discount-qualified line with the original phone on the same account. I agree that the company needs to make money, but I doubt taking away the beta discount from members who still have the original line on their account is going to make a significant difference in their bottom line. When a company needs to make cuts, they need to consider more than the bottom line when they choose where to cut.

Nonetheless, I still like my RW t-shirt, and I get a pretty good value for what I pay.


The beta discount was originally, and has always remained, a discount on that line. It’s never been about the account and Republic continues to honor the discount on lines that have had continuous service since then.


Hi @dpurcell,

It sounds like there may have been quite a bit of confusion involved, but we do not want any member to feel they are not appreciated. If you don’t mind, I’d like to DM you to get some more details about this and see what options might be available.


I am an original beta subscriber and stayed with RW since then. I typically use only about 200 MB of data with 3.0 with 1 GB data plan. After reading all feedback I suggest that RW provide some kind of bonus to beta members and perhaps all members at the end of each year (in January?) in terms of % of dollars paid during the previous year depending upon RW revenue and earning. That will keep everybody happy and loyal.

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While a rebate would be nice, I doubt we would be seeing one. I signed up for the 3.0 plan with the understanding that if I use 1 MB or all 1 GB of my plan, the cost is the same. I don’t go back to WalMart when I didn’t eat the whole loaf of bread I bought before it got moldy.

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