A few questions about switching between Republic 2.0 plan and Republic 3.0 plan

I currently have a 1st gen Moto X on the Rebulic 2.0 plan. I’m considering switching to a newer BYOD Google Pixel phone on the Republic 3.0 plan.

(1) If I switch in the middle of my billing cycle, would I get a prorated refund of my 2.0 plan and pay a prorated rate for the rest of the month on the new 3.0 plan?

(2) What about data on the first month of new Republic 3.0 plan? Assuming again that I make the switch in the middle of the billing cycle, if I want 1 Gb of data on the new plan, would I have to pay $5 for it and then lose what I don’t use at the end of the monthly billing cycle even if though I will have had access to the data for less than a month?

(3) I understand that I will have to purchase a Republic Wireless SIM Card. If I later want to switch from one GSM phone to another GSM phone, is it possible to simply move the SIM Card to another Republic 3.0 compatible phone, or will I have to buy a new SIM Card every time I switch phones?

(4) Suppose for some reason that I later decide to go from the Republic 3.0 plan back to an older Moto phone on the Republic 2.0 plan and I do that in the middle of the monthly billing cycle. How would that work as far as pro-rated billing goes? Further suppose that I want to switch to the $5 WiFi-only plan. Could I do that immediately or would I have to wait for the end of the monthly billing cycle?



It’s possible to move active GSM SIMs among compatible 3.0 phones. If you end up switching back to CDMA for coverage reasons (CDMA coverage is available for some but not all 3.0 phones), it’s not possible to move an active CDMA SIM among phones.

Prorated refund for 3.0 plan, prorated bill for the 2.0 plan. If moving back to 2.0 from 3.0, the $5 WiFi only plan is an immediate option.


This is a really old phone that may have very limited life left on it. I would not recommend acquiring it unless someone is giving it to you for free. There are several more recent 3.0 plan compatible phones from Moto or Samsung that are available for a reasonable price and will likely give you longer life just like your X1.

Just as a point of reference… I switched to a 3.0 plan with a Moto X Pure back in 2016…as of a few months ago the Moto X Pure had gone sluggish with very limited battery life…and I ended up switching to a Moto X4.
So far it’s been working out really well for me.

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Nexus phones have been discontinued since 2016 when Google released the 1st Gen Pixel phone. The Pixel 3 is a amazing flagship phone, but very expensive.

@SpeedingCheetah @amitl

Sorry, I made an error in my original post (which is now corrected). I’m actually considering buying a used 1st generation of Google Pixel or Pixel XL, not the Google Nexis.

Would you also recommend against the Pixel? The other phone I’m considering is a new Moto G6, but my concern with the Moto G6 is that it that the lack of AMOLED display will cause extra drain on the battery, and I’m also afraid that I may break the glass back of the Moto G6.

If you’re concerned about battery life, remember that buying a used phone means getting a used battery. The battery on the original Pixel doesn’t have a stellar reputation for durability. You might need to replace the battery on the Pixel in relatively short order if the previous owner hasn’t already.

I actually just sold my old Pixel XL on Swappa. It still had 97% battery efficiency according to a battery health app. But i do take very good care of my phones and am a light to medium user. But it may be hard to find a 1st gen Pixel in excellent shape and health.

I would recommend, get a used Pixel 2. That would be newer and also will be getting the newer updates to the next version of Android.

I agree with @SpeedingCheetah - The 2nd or 3rd generation Pixels would be worthy of consideration.
They are pricey but you will probably get a lot more life out of them.

Overall reviews are good for the G6…so that would definitely be worth considering…or if you can wait a bit…then the G7 would also be worthy of consideration.

Thank you @rolandh for answering my questions. If you don’t mind, I have some followup questions:

(3a) Suppose I have a Republic 3.0 plan with a phone on GSM service and I switch back to the Republic 2.0 plan on an older phone, and then at some later point in time I want to switch back to the Republic 3.0 plan on the GSM phone. Could I still use the same SIM Card that I had been previously using on the GSM phone, or would I have to buy a new SIM Card because it will have been deactivated?

(3b) What about the same scenario as (3a) except starting on a Republic 3.0 CDMA phone and then going back to the same CDMA phone. In this case the SIM Card will have been deactivated, but I would not be attempting to use it in a different CDMA phone.

(4a) Suppose I’m on the Republic 3.0 plan and I’ve paid for some data, then in the middle of my monthly billing cycle I switch back to the Republic 2.0 plan on an older phone. I will get a prorated refund for the $15 that I’ve paid for talk/text on the Republic 3.0 plan, but would I get any refund at all for unused data on the Republic 3.0 plan?

The reason I ask these questions is because I sometimes travel outside the USA and the 1.0 & 2.0 plans have the option of paying only $5 per month for WiFi-only plans, while the 3.0 plan doesn’t seem to have that option.

BTW, I decided against buying a used Google Pixel phone based on advice from @amitl & @SpeedingCheetah, and today I ordered a new Moto G6 from RW .

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Once activated then deactivated for more than 20 days, Republic 3.0 SIMs must be replaced. It’s possible to reset that 20 day clock by activating then immediately deactivating the 3.0 SIM but one must do so every 20 days.

A 3.0 CDMA SIM may be reactivated in the same phone with the 20 day caveat mentioned above.

No refund for 3.0 plan cell data, just a prorated refund for the talk and text portion.

You are correct about that and the scenarios you propose would work, so long as your 3.0 SIM (GSM or CDMA) isn’t deactivated for more than 20 days. In fact, one doesn’t want to travel internationally with a Republic 3.0 CDMA SIM (not an issue with legacy phones) for reasons mentioned here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

Edited to Add:
So long as you are not opposed to carrying two phones. you could take the G6 for use on a local (in country) cellular network when traveling internationally and use your legacy phone with Republic service on WiFi.

Thanks again @rolandh

You mention that if I switch back to a legacy 2.0 phone for international travel purposes that I could keep my 3.0 Sim Card from expiring by activating it and then deactivating it every 20 days. Would it be possible to do this on WiFi from outside the USA, or would it need to be be done by someone in the USA with a domestic cell signal?

You also mentioned about having issues if travelling abroad with a 3.0 CDMA Sim card. I read the useful info on the page at International Travel with a Republic Phone
Does this mean that the 3.0 phones need to have both a cell signal and a wifi signal? With our current 1.0/2.0 phones, I like to turn the cell radio off while keeping wifi on while at home to conserve battery. Is it possible to do that with the 3.0 phones and still have talk and text service? And if it is possible, would that eliminate the need to switch from 3.0 CDMA Sim card to 3.0 GSM Sim card while travelling abroad by avoiding the “cellular configuration error that renders the phone inoperable?”

It doesn’t mean that. They work fine with just a Wifi signal.

I theory, yes because the condition occurs when the cell phone lacks a cell signal for an extended time and decides it should reset the connection in order to try and get the signal back. However, this isn’t a recommended strategy because a phone restart may take the phone out of airplane mode or something else could (and accidental tap) and cause the cycle to start. Once started, putting the phone in airplane mode won’t solve the issue. Therefore, Republic recommends having a GSM SIM in the phone for overseas travel as a GSM activated phone does not suffer from this issue.

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Thank you @louisdi

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