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Greetings everyone. I’m new to R.W. Before I initiate the number transfer, I have an important question. Is it possible to choose my own number? I live in the 904 area code and it is not in use. Our land line number when I was a kid. A nostalgia thing. The reason for all this is that I have always had a bad problem with prank calls, wrong number, and telemarketers. I even called and did the thing for the “do not call” to no avail. My current cell company claims that they can not do anythind about it. Also, they will not issue me a new number. Thanks in advance.

Hi @georgee.hpwurt,

Republic has numbers in the 904 area code. One has some choice regarding the first six-digits (area code and exchange) but not the last four. The process is described here: Change My Phone Number.

As far as transferring your childhood landline number, it’s not enough for it not to be in use. You would have to determine which telephone company currently owns it, obtain service on that number with that telephone company, then transfer it to Republic. With great effort, this might be possible but it’s certainly not an easy undertaking. It’s not possible to transfer a number not in active use and that one doesn’t control.

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