A Legitimate E-Mail?

I just received an e-mail allegedly from RW instructing me to update my payment information immediately. The thing is, 1) I pay yearly, and my next payment won’t be due until the end of May; and 2) My credit card information (including the expiration date) has not changed; and 3) the e-mail doesn’t include my account or phone number.

Can someone at RW please let me know if this e-mail is really from RW? I’m afraid to click on the oh-so-convenient link in the e-mail.

Hi @Totoro,

While I’m not a Republic employee, in addition to helping out here, I also answer questions on Republic’s behalf as a Community Expert. We’ve been advised the email is indeed legitimate. Please go ahead and update your payment information directly in Republic’s online account portal.

For those unfamiliar with Republic’s Community Expert program, more from Republic on that is linked here:

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Same experience here. I did “update” per instructions (fingers crossed). If this is legitimate, I would suggest a more detailed explanation from Republic regarding this update request in the future.

Very interesting since I’m on yearly plan and just passed a normal monthly $0 bill. I did see my cc info was empty in my account info. My cc expires in September.

Well, I deleted the e-mail, logged directly on to the RW site from my browser, and updated my payment information. I did not click on any of the links in the e-mail, so if it was a phishing attack I’m probably OK.

I still am curious as to why RW sent that update request now. Most mystifying.

Although I am not am employee of Republic, I got the same email. I also got a notification from the app. The notification from the app, to me, means this is coming from Republic. If you are afraid of the link, you can update it via the website.

I updated two account I pay and am not sure it worked on either. I clicked on the pencil to edit the payment info. The CC fields were blank. I filled them in. Then I clicked on Update and got the forbidden circle with the slash in it. I went back in and the CC fields are once again blank. Am I doing something wrong?

I assure you it’s not a phishing scam. The links in the email would have taken you to Republic’s Help Center article explaining how to update your payment information nothing more.

I am always wary of e-mails bearing links. I guess it’s my suspicious nature. Or maybe it’s all those Nigerian princes that always seem unable to get their inheritance without assistance.

Hi @Totoro,

It’s perfectly reasonable to be cautious. I’m simply trying to reassure you and others reading here that, in this case, there is no need for concern.

Do we have any feedback as to why everybody’s cc info has been cleared?

Hi @Majorninth,

I have no further infomration beyond that which I’ve already mentioned. To be clear, it’s not nearly everyone affected. My understanding is a small percentage of accounts are affected.

Just so you know you’re not alone @Majorninth, I had the same issue.

I agree it’s jarring to see the information gone (my card is not expired either).
Also puzzling that going back after re-entering the info, then going back to look at it, looks like the re-entering of information does not take.

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Tho I got a email from Republic a few minutes after telling me the “account was updated”. :man_shrugging:

You were fortunate to get that email. I updated both of my granddaughter’s accounts. I suppose they got the email saying their CC info was updated. I opened two chat sessions using their credentials to verify that the updates took.

That payment information appears not to be there is the design. It is intended as an added security precaution to protect your account’s security. That it is absent before updating payment information does not, in and of itself, mean Republic lacks accurate payment information for your account. Only if one received Republic’s email or if otherwise notified by Republic payment information needs updating is it necessary to do so.

What created my concern was the appearance of the “forbidden” (circle with slash) symbol that appears when one clicks on the update button. Go and update your information. You will see it too.

Hi @billg,

Yes, that too is intended design. One must first fill in all information even that which may not have changed before the Update button will function. That’s documented here:

Again, for others who may stumble upon this thread, unless specifically notified by Republic that updated information is needed or that payment has failed there is no need to update your payment information. Despite, its apparent absence, Republic has it on file.

I didn’t press the update button until after entering the information. Why would the forbidden symbol appear? The information was correct but there was no way to verify it.

By design, this should only happen if some piece of information was overlooked. How and when did it decide to function for you?

But the wording of the screen to update your information makes it seem as if it WILL show you what your “credit/debit card” is…at least that’s how I read it.

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