A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!

Republic Wireless started in 2011 with the idea that we could create a better, smarter way to provide mobile service. We set out on a mission to provide wireless the way it should be, the way we wished it was as consumers ourselves: simpler, more affordable, from a carrier you can trust. Today, we’re announcing an exciting step forward in that mission.

Republic is joining forces with DISH! And, we couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you, as DISH is the ideal partner for Republic. Like Republic, DISH is a founder-led company that is widely regarded for its passion and commitment to customers, ranking #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power for the third year in a row. DISH is also an innovative industry disruptor, as evidenced by the new cutting edge 5G network they are building nationwide.

Together, driven by our shared passion for this mission and enabled by our combined assets and resources, we know we can deliver our Members even more value and better service. We’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us over the years and are beyond excited to continue this journey with each of you.

What do you need to do?

You probably have questions, but to ease your mind, there is nothing you have to do today. You don’t need a new phone, and your plan and coverage stay the same. Also, the same award-winning customer service is still here to answer your questions.

What happens next?

We expect to have exciting new products and services available in the future, and we will communicate those exciting changes as they are finalized. In the weeks ahead, we want to hear from you. Please reply below to let us know what questions you have about this news.

Republic has always been about you, the members, and finding ways to serve you better. As a combined DISH and Republic Wireless team, we appreciate the opportunity to continue to earn your trust and your business every day. We don’t take it for granted. We can’t wait to share what’s next!


John Swieringa, Group President, DISH Retail Wireless & DISH COO

Chris Chuang, CEO & Co-founder, Republic Wireless


Gross. Dish/att is the worst company in the world. I signed a 2 year contract with them where they promised the same price and then it more than doubled 6 months later. Also, they have have zero customer support. There’s literally a class action lawsuit about this.

I’ve had great experiences with Republic up to this point but I am concerned. It doesn’t help that this statement is incredibly vague.


How will this reflect your pricing structure? Will prices increase?


Those are two different companies. AT&T owns DirecTV, not DISH.


At this time there are no changes.
Personal speculation: This will cause prices to go down, not up, as it has with their previous acquisition Ting. Dish has enormous scale Republic didn’t have, and with it, cost advantages with the network providers.


I’ve been thinking of leaving anyway. There is no way I’m giving money to Dish. I heard Visible wireless is good and cheap


Why make the announcement and say nothing about it? Waste of time.


I have, like many people will, is concern over pricing. I like my $20 a month service. Dish, just like all the other big companies, raise prices and reduce services. I really hope I can keep my simple plan. If not, I will be changing services.


You may want to spend some time reading the Visible Subreddit. Beside the fact that Visible = Verizon which is good or bad depending on your position, there are lots of us that have tried and run from Visible because their data is so deprioritizd on the network that it is useless in many locations.

Visible uses Verizon’s network. You’ll want to be certain Verizon’s network performs well in your area as Visible’s service is deprioritized on Verizon’s network meaning when the network is congested, network throughput stinks.


While of course we’re all concerned about this, raising prices simply wouldn’t make sense. Dish has lowered prices in its previous acquisitions, not the other way around.


Hi Walter, What else would you like to know? As the announcement indicates, Republic will be compiling and answer questions as they come up. Is there something specific you’d like to know?

Oh oh! Hope this doesn’t mean network changes! We are rural and can only use Republic on the sprint network. No t mobile or ATT service in our neighborhood. Will the sprint net still be available?


At the end of the day the Sprint network is going away, and soon. T-Mobile is combining it with their network as we speak. Likely some time next year (current date is January) the Sprint network will be shut down. This is independent of anything that Republic / Dish are doing. That said, the coverage isn’t going away, it is becoming T-Mobile coverage so you wouldn’t lose coverage, you’d just technically be on another network.

I appreciate and am confident Republic appreciates the sentiment. It’s the nature of things. The next step once an agreement is reached is regulatory approval. Once regulatory approval is secured (if not before), more specific information will come.

That’s as much a T-Mobile question as anything, since T-Mobile acquired Sprint some time ago. But it also likely means T-Mobile is going to put their service on older Sprint towers. Again, however, that’s more a question for T-Mobile than Republic.

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Thanks. I’ll check that out before I jump ship


Great, I’m looking forward to what the partnership will offer. I’ve been with Republic for YEARS and they have never let me down! Congratulations!


While I appreciate a free-market and your ability to cash in, I fear for the future of Republic and will start my informal search for another provider.

While I do not fully understand J.D. Power’s algorhythm, my past history with DISH is reflective of the those reported in Consumer Reports, and too with the Better Business Bureau, where DISH has more than 1,000 complaints a year, and where after 40 years in business, they’ve not prioritized accreditation.

Best of luck,


Has Dish purchased RePublic or is this a business collaboration?

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