A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!

Lost me as a customer. Bye.


“Joining forces”? DISH bought Republic for their own purposes. Why try to make it sound like something else?

Unfortunately as with many “exciting steps”, in the long run it likely means higher prices and poorer service for customers. I’ll wait and see, but like most people I’ve been through a few of these and am not optimistic.


It is an aquisition.

This is very disappointing after being a Republic customer for years. It wasn’t so long ago that DISH had to pay out millions in settlements for bad marketing practices, misleading sales pitches, telemarketing calls that ignored do-not-call settings. They have not changed their ways.

I have been so happy with Republic, but now I question your ethics as well as how my service will be provided. I’m hoping there’s a chance this will all fall through, that you realize you’ve made a huge mistake getting into bed with bad actors like this.


Republic has agreed to sell itself to DISH, however, envisions an ongoing partnership of some sort in the future.


Republic already performs poorly in my area. I doubt Visible will be worse

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With cellular service, location is everything. In my area, either of Republic’s network partners easily outperform Verizon. Have you asked Republic to examine your coverage to see if one of its network partners might work better in your area than the other?

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Just looking into Mint. I hate Dish and ATT will be switching after 12 years time to move on.


You’re right of course “joined forces with Dish” is just marketing department spin.

As a beta customer of Republic, this of course is the end of a venture startup …to be bought by a big company. But Dish? Seriously… there’s not enough spin in the world to make that sound like a great idea.

There’s lots of competition for the marketplace Republic helped create, but there’s no longer any reason for “brand loyalty”

Bye Republic.


Some of us have had the opportunity to meet with Republic’s management to ask these sorts of questions. What was shared with us, although I remain skeptical, was encouraging.

If you think about the size of Dish, and the size of Republic, there is no compelling revenue reason for Dish to buy Republic. If not that, then why? Much like their purchase of Ting, Dish sees something in Republic that’s interesting. The support model, the technology, the people, etc. So of course the purchase is for their own purpose, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad for Republic or its customers.

I’m not sure why people thing pricing will go up in this case. Let’s face it, Republic’s size was not allowing it to keep up with the market in terms of price. This scale (and deep pockets) will allow for things Republic can’t do, and I expect that we’ll see lower prices, not higher.

That’s all Republic / Dish can ask for.

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the purchase of one business enterprise by another: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/acquisition

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AT&T and DISH are unrelated companies. AT&T owns DirecTV not DISH.


You can add my area too. Both Republic partners destroy Visible, but so would a cup and string so frankly, it isn’t saying much.

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[quote=“louisdi, post:30, topic:35979”]
If you think about the size of Dish, and the size of Republic, there is no compelling revenue reason for Dish to buy Republic. If not that, then why? Much like their purchase of Ting, Dish sees something in Republic that’s interesting. The support model,

That’s laughable.

Beware of their coverage maps. I just tried to switch to Mint, plugged my address in online and it said I had excellent coverage. Tried to activate my new phone and it did not recognize my zip code. Customer service confirmed they do not service my area and I am now in a battle for a refund as I had prepaid for a year and bought a new (apple) phone based upon their coverage map. Get their 7 day trial sim first, which I did not know existed until after the fact.


With regard to Mint, that’s excellent advice. I sincerely hope you are able to get Mint to refund your money. For others reading here, generally, Mint’s annual pricing like Republic’s is non-refundable.


This is one reason why I love RW: openness. People may complain that this is a pointless announcement because we don’t yet know what is changing regarding plans, products, or pricing, but the fact that they let us know anyway says a lot about how committed they are to us, the community.

Keep it up, RW. I’m excited to hear future announcements!


The market disagrees with you. Republic has repeatedly won support related awards since its founding. Every single year.


As a customer of both Ting and Republic Wireless for many years (pretty much since the beginning for both), I’ve been through a DISH acquisition. There was much distress and gnashing of teeth when DISH announced they were acquiring Ting one year ago. What has actually happened thus far is…an improvement. The plans got cheaper. The customer service is the same. Thus far it’s only been a net win. What happens in the long term? I can’t say. But for all the unease and apprehension, everything is just fine. Those who liked their old plan have been able to keep their plan. Those who wanted to take advantage of the lower prices have been able to take advantage of the new plans.


I’m just a bit concerned about this Dish buyout; my experience has been that customer service goes down and prices go up in these situations. However, I have a long relationship with RW, so I’ll wait to see what actually happens.

I am on the “annual” billing plan which is scheduled to renew in May. I did turn off auto-renew of annual billing today just to keep my options open.

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