A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!

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A WISP (Wireless Internet Service provider)? Do these exist outside of mostly rural areas? There’s, of course, nothing wrong with rural areas but achieving “nationwide” coverage by partnering with providers focused on rural areas would seem counterintuitive. Perhaps, SpaceX’s Starlink would one day be an option but today is not that day.

The above said, though Republic characterizes this as a partnership, the reality is DISH is buying Republic. While I have reservations about what that might mean going forward, Republic has provided sufficient value over enough years that I’m more than willing to give it a chance.


When I made that comment I didn’t realise Fi was going to be minimum of $10/mo more - and it’s not like I’m traveling anywhere/going on vacation… so yeah, I’m staying with Republic!

When I joined Republic Wireless as a customer back in 2013, I made sure to do my due diligence before signing up after having very crappy (keeping this appropriate language wise) customer service from Straight Talk WIreless. I have not had anything but good results with being a Republic customer. With that being said, it would take a customer service experience from Republic like the one I had with Straight Talk to make me look for a different wireless provider. So I will quietly wait and see how this affects me and the rural area I live in (which for straight cellular service, has very much improved over the four plus years I have lived where I am at). I think, even with DISH and its reputation for terrible customer service in the pay tv arena, it will be a winning situation for us Republic Wireless customers. As is also said, patience is a virtue as well. Just my thoughts.


I hope that Republic continues to give good customer service. My one experience with DISH for TV service was that when something went wrong with the electronics they said I could send the box to them and for $$$ they would check it. Then any repairs would cost extra $$$. It was much cheaper to switch to T-W for TV.
When I notified DISH that I was leaving, they asked me why and I told them. They said that there was no charge for checking - I told them, “Never mind, bye,”

Is there a tentative date for the deal to close? Since Republic wireless is a private company the deal should close relatively quick.

The deal is pending regulatory approval. So, :man_shrugging:

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I knew they’re regulatory process, but typically they announce tentative date or a financial quarter they expect mergers or acquisitions to close. I wasn’t sure if I missed it announcement.

Republic save a tree – please don’t let Dish send me junk mail for Dish TV.

If it’s any consolation, I’m a customer of DISH through Ting Mobile (and was a customer before Ting was aquired by DISH). I haven’t received any DISH TV promotional material so far.

How is Ting? Looks like one of their basic plans is $25/mo with 5GB data, which beats RW.

Also, are there plans for new phones as a result of the acquisition?

Hi @dannis,

I’ll leave your first question for someone who has the experience to provide an answer.

This announcement was the earliest news we could provide - we wanted our members to be aware of the acquisition, and hear the news directly from us. The actual process of an acquisition, and any changes that may come from it, take time. In fact, having never been through an acquisition before, I personally had no idea how much time and work is involved! :weary: At the current stage, it’s still too early to start talking about any plans, but there are exciting plans in the works. :shushing_face:

Is there a particular phone you’re hoping to see added to Republic’s portfolio?

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Nope, but I will need to upgrade sooner rather than later and I see a trend of new phones all being much larger than my current phone, which I like to use one-handed. I guess the Pixel 5 is a good size for me but it is expensive and I’m not sure about all the Google “magic” packed into there nowadays.

I don’t think this is something that the merger will be able to fix. There are essentially no small phones in the market from any of the major manufacturers. There are some really niche phones out there which are from very small manufacturers and some of the carriers are selling is add-ons, etc. But it’s not like republics calling system as limiting the small phones it’s carrying, the fact that there are no small phones to carry is what’s limiting the small phones they carry.

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"If Dish raises Republic Wireless to Dish’s standards, it is time to find another phone provider. No legitimate business merger is done without a business plan. "

Absolutely correct.

Dish has a plan, business forecasts, and implementation dates. Nobody buys a company then sits down to say “Well, let’s think about what we’re going to do now that we own it”.

To be fair to Dish, very few companies divulge this information at the jump, but Dish has a pretty good idea of what their business plan is for Republic.

"They’re expanding and moving into areas which are not in decline, likely will be the primary future of their business."

Albeit a few years late and into a market that’s awash in competition.

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