A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!

Could be up …

Might be.

In a few locations.


Thanks louisdi for the background on Visible Wireless. Maybe they have improved since then.

Just wanted to touch base that the transition to monthly charge from yearly plan was very easy and I did not get pestered by RW at all. Actually the last couple months have seen improved service through our Viasat/Republic Wireless interface! It is tempting to stay with RW and get back on the yearly fee to save more money.

Curious to see if Starlink will live up to its claims to help us rural folks in the coming year or so, and wondering if Republic will play nice with Musk…

Check out their subreddit. The simple answer is no, not really.

I think a lot of people are!

Well, Starlink is LEO Satellites which should significantly reduce latency. An average geosync satellite (like Viasat) often will have 700ms round-trip latency while a LEO satellite system should be around 120ms at worst and more routinely a bit under 100ms. Should be MUCH better for VoIP calls of all types, including Republic.


If DISH owns both Republic and Ting… and Ting has way better deals on data… what’s to happen to Republic?

[link to competitor plans redacted in accordance with our Community guidelines.]

Stay tuned, time will tell.

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Dish also owns Boost which offers $10 plans with 1GB of data, and $15/2GB plans. I’m sure that the Ting customers are asking the same question.

Give it some time. I predict that Dish will equalize all of this into a much more competitive network than the alternatives.

A bigger concern is what will happen to CDMA customers when T-Mobile shuts down its CDMA 3G network, currently planned for January 2022. Dish has been fighting with T-Mobile to extend the deadline as it transitions its Boost customers to GSM. Once CDMA is gone, the legacy Republic phones on the Refund plan will be inoperable. Plus, there will be a significant cost to send updated SIM cards to all RW customers on the CDMA network. This is inevitable, but it would help Republic if timing is extended.


Since Dish now owns several brands, don’t forget that they may take the various brands and aim at a different segment of customers. Hard to say with certainty what that will look like.

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