A Message From our CEO: Our Commitment to Keeping you Connected

Dear Valued Republic Member,

In the midst of these challenging and uncertain times, we know that having reliable and affordable wireless service is more important than ever to all of us.

To that end, first let me share that the Republic team is working tirelessly to ensure we continue to deliver the same high level of service to you as always.

Next, I wanted to share with you a service update on three ways Republic Wireless is working to offer you more peace of mind on your wireless service with us during these anxious times.

More Time: First, if you have been financially impacted by illness or by the economic measures being taken across the nation and need a little extra time to pay your bill, please let us know, and we can work with you on a solution to keep your service going. And, of course, we will continue to maintain our normal policy of not charging late fees.

More Budget Certainty and Savings: Second, in the face of these uncertain economic times, we know some of our members are looking for more certainty and savings in their family budgets. To help serve those members, those on our My Choice plan can switch to our annual payment option from now through April 18 April 26, 2020 and receive an additional free month of service - this means 12 months for the price of 9 (a 25% discount from our normal monthly prices). We know that peace of mind during times like these can be invaluable and we hope this solution provides one less thing to worry about during this challenging season.

More Data: Lastly, Republic Wireless was founded on a Wi-Fi first mentality, and we’ve seen that the majority of our members have Wi-Fi at home and are actually using less cellular data as they stay home more during this COVID-19 situation. That said, we understand some of you may need more cellular data than usual in these unprecedented times for your families and/or work (e.g. - if your home broadband service has an outage), beyond the unlimited calling and texting all Republic Wireless members already have. To that end, we are urgently working with our network partners to provide some optional solutions for this potential need. We will be in touch with you next week with more details.

To learn more about these three service updates, please click here.

In this season we may all be forced to physically be further apart from friends and family. However, Republic Wireless is here to ensure you can still stay close to them through continued reliable and affordable wireless communications. We wish you all safety and comfort as our nation comes together to overcome this crisis.

Best wishes,
Chris Chuang
Co-founder and CEO, Republic Wireless


Hey, I’ve had your services for 5 years or so now and have never had a problem. Best thing going on the market, have had offers from Google Fi and Suddenlink, but neither match your service or prices. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!


I contacted customer service to get the 12 months for 9 deal and was told that does not exist.

Hi @ShopTom.com,

I’m sorry the agent who answered your E-mail has not had time to review the update we sent today. I’ll make sure that gets taken care of.

There’s no need for assistance from the Help Team to purchase the Annual Plan at this price, though. It’s available to anyone through the app or online portal if they’d like to sign up for Annual Plan at this time.


First, thanks for making things so clear as we navigate these unusual times. I appreciate it!

We’ve got 2 lines on our account, so would I need to go through the upgrading plan process for each of them individually to put both of them on the annual plan, or can they be done together?


Hi @petej Republic outlines the process for moving to the annual plan here: How to Switch to the Annual Payment Option – Republic Help

It is done individually for each line.


My wife and I switched to the annual plan earlier in the year to save money. Having spent our money earlier, doesn’t mean we’re not strapped for cash now due to the Coronavirus. Your offer to reward customers with another month of “free” service on the annual plan if they sign up now ignores the current and loyal Republic customers that already made that decision. How about extending OUR annual plans by another month?


Hi @Guinness12,

Welcome back to our member Community!

Thanks for your feedback. We’ve seen some similar requests today.

The current offer isn’t meant to be a reward for anyone. It’s meant to offer members in a shaky situation right now a way to know with confidence that their cell phone bill is paid in advance and they won’t risk losing service due to the circumstances we are all facing.

If you’ve already subscribed to the Annual Payment option (I think that’s what you mean), then you already have that confidence. Your cell phone bill is paid through the end of your Annual Payment term and you don’t have to worry about losing your cell service if it suddenly becomes difficult to make a monthly payment.

Although I truly hope this will not happen, if the time comes for you to renew and the economic impact of Coronavirus is still a factor, please open a ticket at that time and let us know how we can help. We do not want concerns about having cellular service cut off to be something that keeps anyone awake at night, at a time when we know how important is to be able to stay connected.


Thanks for the link to that document. I looked for it last night, but clearly didn’t find it. It would be cool if there was an option to apply to all lines associated with an account, but I understand why it’s done individually per line.

Now to crunch some numbers!

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Do you understand how illogical this sounds? For members in a “shaky” situation you’re asking them to pay 9 months of service ahead of time so that they don’t lose their service if it becomes difficult to make a monthly payment. So you think it’s easier for somebody strapped for money to pay 9 months ahead of time instead of their normal monthly payment? I fail to see the logic in that process. Instead, it looks (although I’m sure it isn’t) like Republic Wireless wants more revenue upfront, and they’re willing to give another month of service away to get it.


What’s logical to one person may not seem so to the next. I’m confident Republic’s intent is to help those who wish to avail themselves of annual payment make paying for their phone service a certainty (in an otherwise uncertain environment) by doing so up front and locking in that service for a year.

Indeed, that presumes one is able to afford to do so. Republic also understands many may not be able to afford to do so right now. For this reason, Republic stands ready to work with folks for whom this isn’t a solution and who need one if they open a help ticket.


This is why I’ve been a Republic Wireless for 5+ years now…because of the leaders and staff at this company. I hope everyone at RW is working from home, is safe, is spending times with their close loved ones, and we’re going to get out of this just fine.

Thank you, RW!!!


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Agree, I tried to take advantage of the offer and was told I was not eligible because my renewal date is June. They sent it to everyone is the heartburn here. They should have just said, ‘new customers or those who haven’t ever done the offer before.’ but they didn’t… They said to those impacted by the virus… Who isn’t?? The irony here is that they just asked me in a survey a month ago if offering advance annual purchase with discounted months would be a good way to get me to continue. Now, it seems when my renewal date is up, they will say the offer is over and it will be full price for me (arguably to offset the cost of those who can do the offer now). I get the concept, but the CEO letter offered it. They should allow us to buy the year for 9 months and just add my year to my renewal date. First issue I have had with republic. Again, this only is bad form because it was offered and then denied in practice.


Interesting. If I understand correctly, you would fit in to the CEO’s definition of a member who is “looking for more certainty and savings in their family budgets.”. And yet you asked and were denied that “certainty and savings” because you, like us, had already signed up for an annual plan. It sounds like the advice offered above is also hollow (“if the time comes for you to renew and the economic impact of Coronavirus is still a factor, please open a ticket at that time and let us know how we can help.”). This offer sounds like nothing more than a sale to get new annual payment customers.

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At the risk of being called a “shill”

The time hasn’t come. In June, when the plan is up for renewal I’m sure Republic will be glad to review the situation and see how they can help. Whether the price had changed temporarily or not Republic would not be renewing the plan now as that’s just not how their system works. The renewal is up in June and that’s when they’ll review the renewal.

This makes no sense to me. What in the world would be the advantage to Republic of only new annual payment customers? If their goal was simply to lock in as many people as possible wouldn’t they instead be not only enabling, but also ENCOURAGING everyone who are currently on Annual to go ahead and renew at this rate thereby locking them in even longer?

I get that people are upset that Republic can’t accommodate every permutation of every possible desire on this but they are constrained both by the realities of their systems and financial realities.


Yep, it’s just revenue acceleration… simple as that. I don’t mean that in a negative way as it’s plenty fine as a strategy for RW. My problem is with the offer that applied to everyone and then giving reasons about those who are struggling to make a payment or something. There is no payment verification etc… If someone has a renewal due right now, they can do what is offered - whether they are struggling or not. If someone has never done it, they are also eligible. The rest of us are out of luck, despite being offered the promotion. That’s the problem I have. :frowning:

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I agree with you, because that is what is happening to my household too, IT IS NOT FAIR, they should allow everybody to purchase that promotion of the whole year NOW and just posted forward the next year.

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Hi @guinness12, @michaelb.em4ox0, and @paolas,

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns.

Since we do not have an early renewal process in place that would allow you take advantage of the COVID-19 relief pricing, we have created some options for our agents to provide you with the savings that drew your attention.

@ShopTom.com and @michaelb.em4ox0, I’ll be following up with you in your existing tickets with further details.

@guinness12 and @paolas, I could not find recent tickets from you. Please open a ticket to let our agents know of your interest in this offer.

I have the Annual Plan (1GB data) which ends June 17, 2020.
I noticed the current offer of the My Choice Annual Plan 12 months for the price of 9 = $180.
Seems like a very good offer.
My question: can I renew my Annual Plan now for the 12 months for the price of 9 for $180 and just add this on to my current plan of having 3 months remaining - and would then have 15 months of service>
Or if I renewed now would I lose those remaining 3 months?

Hope I have written this clearly. Thank you.
Wishing everyone good health and be safe.

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