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Hi @evl,

I’m afraid that due to system limitations it is not possible to renew in advance.

I believe this Help article will provide what you need How to Enroll in Auto-Renewal for the Annual Payment Option – Republic Help

Still not clear to me. Mine expires in May. The question is will this price be available when I renew the annual payment option?

Hi @jays.xr8vwl,

The current COVID-19 relief offer for new subscribers to the Annual Payment option ends April 18, 2020.

Thank you I understand. You can not renew in advance, and the offer is also only available to new subscribers.

I would suggest adding a footnote stating: “New subscribers only”.

figures… existing loyal customers always get ■■■■■■■ by these new subscriber incentives. and ‘system limitations’ is corporate speak for :speak_no_evil::sunglasses:

hahahaha… screwdrivered? may get by the censors

Hi @13iron,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s easy to think that the intent is malicious when you’re the person who feels like he has received the short end of the stick.

In this case, the intent was to make a relief effort available quickly. It was not meant to be a “promotion” to drive annual payment renewals. There are, in fact, system limitations to being able to offer it to those already subscribed. (I flunked out of “corporate speak 101”, so I am not using that term to hide behind some other reality.)

However, we are aware that current annual payment subscribers are interested in renewing early for the security of another 12 months at an outstanding price. We’re listening, and working on a very manual process to enact a solution for these members.

I will follow up in Community later tonight with details.


I do agree that new subscriber offers always ■■■■ for existing users (from all companies), but I don’t believe that RW is either trying to add mass amounts of new subscribers or mess existing ones up. I will however immediately jump on the 12 for 9 offer if existing annual subscribers can get it.


It it is nice to see RW putting out an effort to help in these times.
Sadly, I can not afford a large sum to renew my yearly plan when it comes up in a couple months

Even the $20 a month base and 1GB plan i am finding is a bit to pricey for me in the current situation i find myself in. and thus, am needing to look at cheaper options elsewhere when the time comes and the plan is up. Unless things change for the good, but i don’t see that happening anytime soon, the economy especially.

Again, very nice to see RW offering options of some sort for their customers.

There may be others out there too that need ultra low cost cell plan at the moment.

Hi @evl, @jays.xr8vwl, @13iron, and @Majorninth,

Thank you for your comments and feedback.

Because our system does not currently offer a way to renew in advance, there is no process in place that would allow exisitng annual payment subscribers to renew early in order to take advantage of the COVID-19 relief offer.

However, we have put some options in place that would allow our Help Team to provide similar value to those willing to commit to another year of the non-refundable Annual Payment option.

I could not find tickets on this matter from any of you. If you’d like further details, please open a ticket explaining your interest in renewing now at the 12-for-9 rate.

Factors, including the end date of your current annual payment term will be taken into consideration, so our Help Team will not have a single one-size-fits-all response.

Please note that these options are very new, and our entire Help Team may not yet be fully apprised. If you feel your ticket needs a second review or additional consideration, please message me with your ticket number.

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Thank you, will do! Help ticket has been submitted.

Jay Schmidt

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Thanks (I think) as so far everyone has just said no and to open a ticket in June… So, I am not sure what options you mean. Funny thing is that I still see the language of the offer on my phone too.


The language in the app hasn’t changed.

There are specific things that Republic agents can do to help with this now. The ways they can help are more manual - there is not an automated way to get help with this. To get help with this, please open a help ticket if you are not in the window to renew for a whole year but want to take advantage of this.

This will get you in touch with an agent, who has account access, who can help you with this.

I had a ticket open already. I now see that I have a response on that ticket and have replied to that response asking further clarification. Thank you.

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Ticket 1875082

Thanks for the screenshot @michaelb.em4ox0,

I’ll share that with our developers,

Yes, so far. Last night we gave the Help Team new options to address these questions, which is why I posted to update everyone in ths thread.


I see my auto correct was at it again… Edited to say, ‘said’ no… Not ‘me’ no.

That said, I replied to you via email /ticket with some questions. Thank you.

Hi @Majorninth,
Looks like that ticket is being quite capably handled!

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