A message from Republic Wireless to our members in the anticipated path of Hurricane Michael

As Hurricane Michael makes its way across the Southeast, our thoughts are with our members in its path. As you make preparations for your safety, we want to help with the data you need to stay informed and connected. Over the next day or so, we will be adding 2 GB of data* (at no cost) to phone lines of those Members in Hurricane Michael warning areas.

You do not have to take any action to enable this data. We will send those in the affected areas an E-mail before adding it to your phone lines, and you may see a notification on your phone when the data is available.

* The extra 2 GB data allowance will expire at the end of your current billing cycle and will be applied only to service lines on a Refund or My Choice Plan with an e911 address in areas that may be impacted.


Hope I’m included.

Class act! Thank you and hope all are well in that area.


I hope RW has notified by cell all those who got the 2GBs. I got 1 GB after Irma, last year, but found out about it almost by accident.

Republic sent everyone affected an email for Hurricane Florence a month ago. I would assume they did the same for this last one.

I live in TLH and was spared the worst of Hurricane Michael. Many are still without power. I appreciate what RW has done. RW cares. Thank you!

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Thank you so much! We were without power for 4 days and the extra data allowed us to know what was going on in the city with clean-up, send and receive photos with contractors helping remove a tree from the house, and keep friends and family up-to-date with our safety. Not worrying about data and knowing we were connected helped give a sense of security and took away some of the stress. Thank you, thank you!

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Hi @pekoorb,

It sounds like you still have work ahead of you, but I hope your family is safe. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Thanks for letting us know the data was a useful and welcome resource during this time.


The extra data is a nice gesture, but it’s totally worthless when the network is down. I’m just now starting to get spotty service back in the Panama city area. And now that I’m in the next billing cycle that data is gone.

Hi @julian_in_fl,

Sorry to hear that our carrier partner’s towers were affected in your area. Please feel free to DM me so we can discuss what we might be able to do to better assist you through the recovery period.

Or we can keep it public since this affects every one of your customers in the area. I’m sure they’d like to know what you’re going to do for them too.

Hi @julian_in_fl,

The announcement to which you are replying describes what we have done for the members in the highly-impacted areas of the hurricane’s path. Response has been largely positive and we received many messages thanking us for the added data. Any additional assistance at this time will be determined on an individual basis.

Any time one of our members finds himself in a dire situation, we are always willing to work with him on an individual basis to see if there is something we can do to assist.

If you need additional assistance during the recovery period and do not wish to DM me, you may also let us know by help ticket.

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I’m sure the customers a few countys over really enjoyed the free data.
Meanwhile those of us in the path have had no service when we need it most.
Sprint gives it’s customers a month free. Verizon is giving 3. I wake up this morning and see that I just payed a bill for a phone that may as well be a rock for the past 2 weeks.
Charging for a service that was not rendered is about as textbook fraud as you can get.
If you want to work this on a case by case basis then fine. Lets make Bay county case one and then you can move on from there.

I hear you Julian. I’m in Tallahassee and haven’t seen any additional data in my plan.
I’ll make due I’m sure.
Praying for you guys, working on getting some care package stuff together for kids there.

God bless!

My wife and I live in the Cove in panama city. This place is destroyed. We’ve been paying for extra data through republic since shortly after the storm. My wife’s boss is sending us a at&t phone so we can at least stop hemorrhaging money just to have some kind of communication with the outside world. We’ll probably be dropping our Republic acct shortly.

Hi @scotts.qeon8g,

Did you open a ticket to let our help team know that you needed extra data?

I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve experienced such a loss to your personal property, and our team would like an opportunity to see how we can help.

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Why would I open a ticket for more data? We won’t have any internet here until sometime in December, and we live in town. We’ve got an AT&T Hotspot coming in on Monday.

Hi @scotts.qeon8g,

Perhaps I didn’t understand what you meant about paying for extra data through Republic since the storm. I was wondering if you had let us know of your need, or if you had simply purchased the data without a Help Ticket. We would be glad to help, but we can’t do so if you don’t let us know if the need.

If you meant that the infrastructure is damaged to the point that data is not available to you through your Republic phones, then I can see why the AT&T hotspot would be helpful, but still don’t understand the comment about paying for extra data - if it’s not available, why would you order more?

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