A Pixel 4XL question

I noticed the back of my Pixel 4XL is coming unglued but the phone is still operating fine. Is this something that can be fixed relatively easily or should I look for a new phone in case my Pixel is on its way to the boneyard (I don’t want to get rid of it since I paid full price for it before Google announced they were stopping production and dropped the price. I want my money’s worth and more than one year of usage)? Thank you for your feedback.

Hi @michaelq.pj26g6,

My first thought was uh-oh, that sounds like it could be a swollen battery. :scream:
After some online searching tho, it sounds like this has been a known issue for Google who is claiming it is not a battery issue.

Is this what’s happening to your Pixel 4xl?

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It isn’t coming unglued from the corners but from the middle of the phone and migrating to the corners. I did purchase my phone directly from Republic Wireless so I didn’t get it from a third party seller. I don’t remember how long ago it was when I ordered it.

The phone was released in late 2019 so I would be out of warranty.

That sounds like the battery swelling. :grimacing:
My advice… take it into a phone repair store and have them look at it.

If the battery is swelling and I have it plugged in, would the battery and the back of the phone be hot to the touch or would that be a totally different problem from a swelling battery? I know I did have it next to me in a protective case with the sun coming through the window (my fault for that).

I don’t know. I’m afraid I’m not an expert on batteries. But the back popping up is suspicious :face_with_monocle:

Is that when this started? (ya, you’re right… that’s not good for a phone) :wink:

Yeah that is when I first noticed it (plus I know, even in its protective case, it has fallen on the floor at my job, from the height of a computer desktop tower sitting under my desk when I accidentally caught the charging cord) today. I am usually really good about taking care of my phone but I didn’t think about the sun today.

Hi @michaelq.pj26g6,

Your phone comes with a one-year Manufacturer’s warranty, and it looks to me like your Pixel 4XL would still be under warranty. You can log into your Account portal and view your invoices to see the date you purchased the phone.

I would encourage you to contact Google immediately: File a warranty claim for your Pixel phone - Pixel Phone Help


I talked to Google directly and my Pixel 4XL is covered under warranty. I went ahead and ordered the Google Pixel 5 from Amazon through the affiliate link on the Republic Wireless website so when I receive my new phone an activate it, I will be able to get the 4XL fixed with no costs to me.

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