A possible work-around for moving from a 4.0 plan to a 5.0 plan without a service interruption

The first step in the activation process is installing the 5.0 SIM into the phone you are moving from 4.0 to 5.0. When you do this, 4.0 service to that phone is lost but 5.0 service to that phone won’t be available until the phones number has been successfully ported from Bandwidth to AT&T.

The port is under AT&T’s control. Bandwidth numbers are VOIP and due to their FCC classification look like land lines to AT&T. Some carriers routinely schedule ports from land lines several days (even a week) out for reasons unknown to me. If this is happening it explains why so many days are passing before the phones being moved start working again.

By pure coincidence a couple who are friends of ours just moved from RW to Consumer Cellular and from the Motorola phones in their 4.0 account to Apple phones. They are sending me their Motorola phones to sell on eBay or Swappa for them.

If we move the GSM SIMS from our 4.0 phones to the ones they are sending us and put the 5.0 SIMS in our phones is it likely we will have phone service until the port is complete? Have any of you already tried this?

I don’t believe this would work for 4.0 phones that have CDMA SIMS and it does require access to a spare phone compatible with GSM on 4.0. It will not work if RW kills our 4.0 service when we start the activation process.

This is incorrect. The 4.0 SIM is deactivated only if you choose to move its current number to 5.0.

While true some carriers unnecessarily schedule ports involving wireline numbers for a longer period of time than need be, that’s not the primary issue involving current 5.0 activation when porting a number (either from 4.0 or another service provider). As with just about everything else connected to 5.0’s rollout, there are bugs. Republic is both aware of and working toward squashing those bugs.

There is currently no guarantee 4.0 SIMs would remain active in any phone once a port to 5.0 is initiated. There have been reports of 4.0 SIMs remaining active until 5.0 service starts and there have been reports of 4.0 SIMs being deactivated before 5.0 service starts. Again, bugs.

Right now, if one wants to try 5.0 service without potentially prematurely disturbing their 4.0 service, the way to do so is to activate 5.0 SIMs with new numbers. If one decides 5.0 service is a fit, cancel the SIMs with new numbers, then order new 5.0 SIMs to initiate the port(s) from 4.0 to 5.0. Having additional compatible phones available can be a convenience but is not a requirement. One may swap the 4.0 and 5.0 SIMs in and out of existing compatible phones.

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I didn’t say the 4.0 sim was deactivated. I said service would be lost to one’s phone once the 4.0 sim was removed. If you are referring to my saying “the first step” then this must be another bug, right:

I don’t think it is the primary issue. The work-around is to maintain service. From what I’m reading people are putting the 4.0 SIM back in their phone but not knowing when the port is complete. But as your wrote further down, another bug sometimes kills the 4.0 service before the port is complete.

Bill. Merely activating a 5.0 SIM does not cause service on the 4.0 SIM to be lost. Moving the number does that. If one activates a 5.0 SIM in their current Republic phone with a new number, all that needs to be done to restore 4.0 service is to swap the 4.0 SIM back into the phone. It’s entirely possible to move multiple active SIMs in and out of the same phone.

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I think we are getting close here but I don’t consider having to notify my correspondents of the temporary number change to be maintaining service. Could we at least agree that the work-around I’m thinking about would work in those cases where some bug didn’t deactivate the 4.0 SIM? To me, it would be a lot better than dealing with the number change and reordering SIMs. From what I’m reading most of the people have been told to wait for the port to complete and their phones start to work and in all but one case I’ve read the 4.0 SIM was working right up to the end. I’d just use the temporary phone until it quit working and then hopefully my regular phone would be up and running.

Is there a critical need to do this now? If not, why not just wait for the bugs to get squashed? Are you absolutely committed to 5.0? Because, even if everything works as intended and your 4.0 SIMs are not deactivated prematurely, once they are deactivated there’s no going back to 4.0.

Your workaround is more convenient in that it makes is unnecessary to shuffle SIMs in and out of the same phone. There’s nothing magical about using separate phones. What you propose is just as effective using multiple SIMs in the same phone. 4.0 and 5.0 won’t work simultaneously on the same number whether using two phones or shuffling SIMs in and out of the same phone.

Bill, there’s more than one instance of 4.0 SIMs being prematurely deactivated here in Community. I’m not going to go find examples to prove it to you. As one of Republic’s Expert Customers, I also see instances outside of Community. Trust me, it;s a big bug that’s getting squashed.

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