A Quick Review of the Motorola X4 on Republic Wireless


I originally posted this in a reply in another forum but decided to make it a review on its own…

The X4 is a great phone. Far and away the best experience with a phone that I’ve had on Republic wireless and I’ve been here since the beta days. Handoffs are smooth and I have yet to have any quirks with making or receiving calls over WiFi. The phone even works well in grey areas (around the edge of your WiFi signal). For the first time I have a phone that gives me the exact same experience I would expect from the big 3 cell companies, but better since it’s WiFi first.

While you can store music, videos, offline maps, and photos on external storage, the inability to save apps to external storage is a major flaw. Motorola claims SD cards are unreliable for this purpose, but I have no issues doing so with my Nintendo Switch or nVidia Shield tablet. In fact, I have never had an issue storing anything on SD cards, even previous phones that allowed me to do so. What’s worse is that they broke the function to force an app to allow you to store it on external memory in developer settings (something I did on my Ascend 5w). This looks like an attempt to up sell you on a more expensive phone with more storage to me, but since they do not offer an X4 with more storage in the USA I have no idea what Motorola was thinking. I also disapprove of the notification system which forces you to physically interact with the phone to see if you’ve missed any calls or texts. I did find a third party solution (NoLED) to mitigate this issue, but it’s still not ideal.

Still, since I can save photos, music, Netflix shows, and offline maps on the SD card I am not in any risk of running out of space (I would already be out if I couldn’t) so for now I can live with the flaws. Multi room audio and the ability to play two Bluetooth speakers together in stereo is in awesome feature. The IP68 weather sealing is fantastic, I really like the the way the phone looks, and I use the built in hands free Moto Alexa feature all the time. It can also seamlessly switch between navigation and a music player, which was one of the bigger reason I wanted to get away from the Ascend 5w. All in all, I think it’s a very solid phone, and for once, I’m actually enjoying the phone camera which apparently has had a ton of improvement since it was released. This is a first for me as I’ve never had a cell phone that took decent enough photos to satisfy me (I’m used to expensive DSLR’s). That dual camera system is a really neat feature, though I’d rather not have those silly face filters (does Motorola expect 5 year olds to be using this phone?).

Finally, I do recommend a nice case for this phone. The all glass design is slippery and a case will protect the camera hump. I use a Cimo clear case I bought from Amazon and can recommend it if it’s still the same case I purchased (the photos are now different so I’m not going to link it as I can not guarantee it the exact same case).

Moto X4 is 300 at their site 400 at yours. Will their phone work and what network will it use?
Moto X4 is 300 at their site 400 at yours. Will their phone work and what network will it use?