A Republic Wireless "Ask Me Anything" Livestream Event


This Thursday, November 16, we’re hosting our first ever Republic Wireless “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Facebook livestream event! Of course, an AMA isn’t much fun without some questions!

We’ll have a panel of our own Republic Wireless staff members answering your questions live, from the Republic Wireless Pop Up Shop! Join us online (or in person) on Thursday, 11/16/17 at 12:15 PM ET.

If you’re too shy to pose your questions live during the event, consider sharing them beforehand. We’re collecting questions in this form, and as replies to this post.

Note: While AMA does stand for “ask me anything”, we will not be able to violate any federal guidelines by answering your account-specific questions. For support, please open a support ticket. We will also not be able to break any contractual agreements, so future phones, carrier names, and proprietary information requests will be graciously declined.

Updated to add:

The recorded session is available here:

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Republic Wireless "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Livestream event 12/19/2017

Who really killed JFK?
Wheres Jimmy Hoffa’s body?
Will Charles Manson ever be released from prison?
Just a few things I wanted to ask!




Looks like you have the answer to this one: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/charles-manson-in-grave-condition-at-california-hospital/ar-BBF0ZfZ?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp


What are you excited for in 2018? This doesn’t have to be Republic related.


OK… I will add a couple of serious questions

  1. When can we have the ability to make plan changes online to all phones on the account?

  2. Why does an activated SIM card need to go through an activation cycle from time to time?
    Why does such an activation require WiFi connection when cellular data is readily available?


Is there a way to access this live stream remotely or does one need to be at the Pop-Up Store?


Found it as a notification on the RW Pop-Up store FB page.


Much as the answer to life is 42, the answer to all things Republic is Soon™.


Sorry for the late post, I just received the link to the AMA for anyone who hasn’t found it on their own:


I just watched it, and I’m excited to see how the RW Anywhere will continue to grow.


Didn’t get the email about this until a few hours ago… Might have been helpful to hear about it yesterday, maybe?


I missed the beginning of this event, but caught most of it live.

It seemed to go very well! Lots of good questions and helpful responses. I hope it’s something that Republic might consider doing regularly,


There were over 400 comments under the Facebook post. I used Facebook on Chrome to view the comments and questions, if you want to see some of those. Or to view the start that you missed.


I actually went and took a peek at them when posting my response.

Lots of interaction!

There is always that fear with a new event, “What if I gave a party and nobody came?”

Looks like lots of people made it to this one. :slight_smile: