A request to improve my Republic Wireless experience (delay voicemail)


Hello. I have read this thread over and over, but have not been able to find how/where to actually post my enhancement request. Perhaps you can put it where it belongs.

When I got my RW phone/service, I did not want to give everyone that number. So, I set my land line account so that calls ring on both my home phone and my RW cell phone at the same time. Now no one needs to know a different number to reach me on either cell phone or at home. The problem is if I get a call on my home phone while my RW cell phone is turned off, RW immediately sends rhe call to RW voicemail, so I can’t answer the call on my landline. I need to be able to set my RW voicemail to not pick up until after 5 or 6 rings so I have a chance to answer my landline before RW voicemail takes the call. Thank you.

Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

Hi @dpurcell,

I’ve moved your request to its own thread, since it is not relevant to the Anywhere app.

We cannot extend the time before voicemail picks up, but we do appreciate your suggestion. Perhaps the Community could help you think of other possible ways to solve what you are experiencing.

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This is normal behavior for all cell phones. When the network can’t locate the phone, it sends the call immediately to voicemail. It doesn’t matter the carrier or phone model, that’s just the way it works.

Here’s a possible solution.

  1. Get a Google Voice Number
  2. Forward both your home phone and your cell phone to Google Voice
  3. Use the GV VM system

In that configuration it would make no difference at all what state either your home or cell number were in when a call came in.


@louisdi 's solution is the most practical, but here’s another (albeit full of “ifs” and “buts”).

If your home phone has voicemail, and it is capable of forwarding that voicemail as an e-mail attachment, you may be able to utilize a solution by forwarding calls to voicemail from your Republic Wireless phone to your home number:

  1. Setup voicemail forwarding to your home phone number.

  2. Setup your home phone voicemail to e-mail your voicemail, as an attachment, to an e-mail account that you retrieve from your phone (preferably a Gmail account).

Now all voicemail (home and cellular) will be received by your home phone voicemail and also be received as an e-mail attachment on your cellular phone. Your home phone should also ring whether or not the cellular phone is turned on or not. Like I said earlier, lots of “ifs” and “buts”, but doable in some situations.


Thanks, cbwahlstrom, but Republic Wireless IS my home phone. So, Will your sugestion solve the problem?


What happened to the land line you mentioned in your original post?

Try it and let us know.


Sorry. I misspoke. When I said landline I should have said RW home phone.



Now I’m utterly confused.

What does that mean in light of the new information? You set your RW cell phone to ring your RW cell phone and your RW cell phone at the same time?

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Man, I created a lot of confusion. I apologize.

I will get it right this time: I set my OOMA VOIP home phone line to ring both the home and RW cell phone. The problem is if my RW cell phone is turned off, any call to the home phone immediately goes to voicemail, with no opportunity to answer it at home. That’s why I was hoping to be able to delay the call from going to voice mail for 20 or 30 seconds, so the person at home would have an opportunity to answer the call. I understand now that that’s not possible.


some workarounds may be

  1. do not fully shut down the RW phone put it on a charger at home and silence the ring (this could even be set up as a Moto assist action on the phone
  2. use the voicemail forwarding in the Republic app back to you VOIP line

Sounds good!



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Additionally, the act of putting it on the charger will eliminate the Doze problem that puts the (3.0) phones into sleep and the VoIP call is missed and handed off to the phones cell. (this is based on my testing/experience on a Moto X Pure, and the problem may not exist on all 3.0 phones or OS levels)

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Yea! What a simple and elegant solution. Both workarounds work perfectly. Thanks much.

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