A scam so new, law enforcement and the BBB haven't seen it

Thanks for sharing the caution.

The headline is a bit much. I’ve been getting these calls for years. Not calls like this, these specific calls, I’m quite sure that law enforcement is aware. I’m not clear what the BBB has to do with anything.

Perhaps word just reached Montana? :slightly_smiling_face: This scam has been going on for many years.

Speaking as a former banker (and one who set up one local bank’s anti-fraud department), I will say categorically, one’s card issuer would never ask for such information because they already have it. No one else would know your rates might be going up.

Scammers try to put a new spin on an old scam to try to throw their victim off. For those that are interested here is what the FTC has to say::

We have reached the point where if it is not a KNOWN friend or family we simply hang up IMMEDIATELY. We say NOTHING, just click (hang up). We refuse to talk to anyone on the phone that we don’t personally KNOW, PERIOD. You want to contact us, send us a letter!!! Any reputable company you have a business relationship with will send you a notice in the mail if they need to contact you.

If everyone did this, all robo calls would cease since they would not make any money for the scammers!!!

Simply refuse to say anything to anyone you don’t know!!!

My list of contacts of people I know and businesses who may call me, including multiple numbers when necessary, is extensive. Any call from a number that’s not in my contacts or that I don’t recognize goes to voicemail. No exceptions. Legitimate callers will usually leave a message. It keeps me from having to deal with others.


I’m with you. I’m one of those people that doesn’t enjoy talking on the phone anymore. When my phone rings, I stare at it in horror until the noise stops, then glance over to see if I have a voicemail, which is almost never. It’s usually someone that’s not in my contacts, and then I add the number to my spam list.

My home phone twc VoIP has nomorerobo installed on it. Boy did that take care of the calls!

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