A suggestion for improving Republic Wireless - number blocking



they need to figure out how to block spam or all calls on the secondary number

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Hi @garyp.n91ssw,

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Spam calls really are annoying. There’s a recorded lady who calls me three times a day, and always from a different, spoofed local phone number. I need a math genius (@soopergenious?) to tell me how many days it’ll take at three calls a day, before she has made me block every number in the 919 area code!

(Edited to add: I’ll send a small gift of insignificant value to the first person who posts the correct answer to that little math challenge! @Ambassadors please recuse yourselves from this challenge so you can help me in case a dispute over the correct answer should arise.)

Are you using the new blocking feature we recently released?


A block of numbers is 0001-9999 the next block would be 2001-2999 etc. And depends on what prefix like 356 355 etc.
In the 919 area code how many prefiix do you have?


Each three-digit area code may contain up to 7,919,900 unique phone numbers

NXX may begin only with the digits [2–9], providing a base of 8 million numbers : ( 8 x 100 x 10000 ) . However, the last two digits of NXX cannot both be 1, to avoid confusion with the N11 codes (subtract 80,000)

7,919,900 number / 3 calls per day = 2639966.66667 days
2639966.66667 days / 365 days per year = 7232.78538813 years
or if you account for Feb. 29th every 4 years (leap years)
2639966.66667 days / 365.25 days per year = 7227.83481634 years


Ah, but finding that out would be part of the challenge!




Thanks for the link in reply to southpaw for area code 919