A week in, what do you think?

Hi @samsung_note_20_beta users! You’ve had some time to settle into your new phones, what do you think?

Have you experienced any calling or texting issues so far? Any concerns or general feedback?

Do you have any pictures to share? If so, let’s start a Topic in our #reviews:photos category for those!

Could you take a second and make sure your domestic voice and data roaming settings are enabled? Check in the Settings app at Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Roaming

I didn’t receive it until last night, so will be activating it later today. Looking forward to testing it out! :slight_smile:

Got it last night, set in garage (de-Covid-19 area) until about lunch time. Getting started, and learning old dogs are hard to teach new tricks :frowning:

I too only got the phone setup last night.

I’m really surprised how I’m enjoying the phone! I was never a Samsung fan but after much tweaking and replacing the launcher I’m loving it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No issues with calling or texting so far, tho I have only been testing in my apartment.

I want to go out and try some calls and the camera but this is what it looks like in SF (It’s from the Samsung):

It’s so smoky and dark the street lights have not gone off since last night.
This is NOON! :dizzy_face:

They are :slight_smile:


I know this is going to get censored here, but holy ■■■■. In any case, I too am not a fan of the Samsung UI, but so far the phone has been rock solid. Wifi calls have been crystal clear and the couple of calls and texts I’ve sent have worked well. I had a weird hiccup yesterday where texts wouldn’t send, but I’ve been unable to replicate it so I’m going with transient network event.

Will do a bunch more testing over the next few days (as my case is waiting for me at home and I’ll be a lot more comfortable using it once it is in a case!)


Calling and texting over WiFi works great as does texting over cell. I’ll try to get some calls over cell done soon. I was able to use tethering in an area with low cell signal strength.

Bluetooth works flawlessly to connect to my van’s audio system.

I like how sleek the phone is. I’ll be more confident about that the phone with me once the case I ordered arrives.

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@cb1, @buzz, @apples2androids as our earliest Note 20 early-adopters, do you have any new feedback to share? Have you experienced any issues with the Note 20?

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