A30 - a budget phones that does more than just fit your budget!


The Alcatel A30 was recently added to RW’s BYOP supported phones.

However, it is not available for sale from RW, so there is very limited info available on the RW website.
You can find all the spec details at this link

You will also need a Republic Wireless SIM card which can be bought from RW here
or from Amazon here

Before you buy anything be sure to check the coverage in your area at this link to make sure that BYOP is supported in your area

Phone Activation
Power down the phone, open the back and insert the SIM card in the SIM card slot. You will need to punch out the correct size (Nano sim) - or innermost SIM card from the credit card sized kit. See here for some additional info. The A30 is not listed in this document, but you can still use it for SIM card size.

Activating the phone was pretty straightforward.

The initial WiFi set up was a bit tricky to set up…as one of the buttons to proceed further was only visible in landscape mode. The rest of the initial set up was a breeze.
Republic Activation took only a few minutes even though it says it might take up to an hour. And then you are ready to go!

Phone Use
The Amazon lock-screen ads are not as intrusive as I thought they might be…and so far they don’t seem to be causing any excessive overhead on the battery drain. The battery size is adequate for a moderate usage and you can get a full day out of it. The phone really does well for standby power but listen to music for a couple of hours and you can quickly drain your battery.

The camera at 8MP is adequate especially outdoors or bright surroundings. It doesn’t do that great in low light.

The storage at 16GB (with system stuff taking up 4.5GB) could be limiting. You can add a micro SD card up to 32GB to give yourself more storage space for photos, etc.

Overall it is a good budget phone at a great price, especially if you have Amazon Prime and are willing to live with the lockscreen ads.


A couple things I find annoying about the A30:

  1. Touch screen is not as sensitive or precise as most other phones I have used.

  2. The processor is slow, so it can take a while to fully render complex web pages (but apps seem to load and respond well).

Aside from those two annoyances, it’s a perfectly usable phone. I don’t know what the pace of Android updates will be on this phone, but I recently received the May security update for Nougat, which puts it in front of most other phones on the market.


One feature I really like about the Alcatel A30 is the ease of taking a screen shot. I usually have to try at least a couple times with my other phones to get my fingers in the right position on the volume up or down button and the power button and push them at the same time. With the A30, you just pull down the screen with three fingers, and there is your screen shot. Of course you have to make sure that gesture is turned on under settings.


I got the A30 to take advantage of the 6 month free promotion and the ads don’t bother me at all and it’s a nice looking phone. Overall I wish Alcatel had opted for a better processor as the 210 makes for a really sluggish performance. But what I really find frustrating is that the touchscreen has very poor responsiveness. Often the gestures don’t even register.

I am eagerly waiting for the 30th to upgrade to the Moto E4


Hi just quick question- will A30+ work w/Republic? other than bigger screen, specs seem to be same. Thanks


Hi @brianp.190,

It’s a great question but I’m afraid the answer is no. Only phones listed by Republic here will activate a Republic SIM.


Gotcha. I also realize it would kind of compete with E4 plus, which would be better choice anyways. Just curious, thanks


The E4+ at $199 is more expensive than the A30 Plus at $129. I’ve not used an A30 Plus but do have the A30 and E4+ in the household. For $60 (Amazon Prime Edition), I like the A30 but the E4+ is a much better phone.


Thanks. Will be back w/Republic at end of month…


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