Ability for parents to temporarily disable a phone

Wondering if families use this service, why don’t parents have the ability to temporarily disable a childs phone?
Thanks in advance.
Greg C.

Hi @gregc.tgndgw,

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Could you tell us a little more about what you would be hoping to accomplish by disabling the phone? Are you wanting to suspend their service so that calling and texting fail while preserving the phone number, or more completely disable the phone so that internet access and other messaging tools cannot function over WiFi?

If the latter, it can be accomplished through third-party apps. We often see https://www.qustodio.com/en/ recommended by other parents in Community.

Disable how? I use Google Family Link should I need to shut things down at bedtime. So far, my kid pretty much just listens to me.

Totally disable (suspend) everything. As in the phone doesn’t work, per parental control. Like it I log in, i can go to a childs phone and disable it. For reasons a parent must resort to that as a last resort. And re-enable as quickly as it was diabled.

Thanks for the additional details.

So to answer the “why” question you originally asked, we don’t include functionality like that because it’s not primary to what our app is intended to do, and when we start adding tangential features, the app has more things that must be quality tested across over 60 supported phones with every update.

Members who don’t want such a service then complain that the additional code adds “bloat” to their phone. For some phones, limited storage space is a very real concern, and we must be cognizant of that.

Part of the beauty of Android is that there are individual apps that already provide unique functionality quite well, which allows us to focus our app on our primary mission, while you can find anything from your perfect weather app to a good parental control solution in the Play Store.

Please take a look at the two apps that have been suggested above, and let us know if either one works out for you.

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