Ability to downlad call history for a date range to a single file

I love Republic Wireless, and have been a member since it was in Beta, with a short journey to the dark side of Google Fi. It is, however, frustrating to download call history. The site only allows you to download one month at a time, not a date range, and then it the call history for the month downloads into numerous separate files. It would be exceedingly helpful if the download was to one file, not multiple ones, and if you could select a date range with a download to one file. As the download feature is already there, it would hopefully not be too much of an issue to have the download be a single file, and to be able to select a date range.

Customer service was kind enough to do this for me once, but I am now told to get a date range I would have to serve Republic Wireless with a subpoena. Not cool.

Please consider changing the call history download feature.


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