Ability to transfer to T-mobile

We are considering using Republic Wireless, and I have two questions.

  1. If we buy the Moto g7 from RW and then decide that a T-Mobile unlimited plan is a better fit for one or both of us, can we use that phone with T-Mobile? I see it uses their network, but is it unlocked and able to use their SIM card?
  2. We will transfer our numbers from AT&T to RW. I read they will become VoIP numbers and some carriers won’t allow us to transfer them back out. Do you know which carriers do that? Does T-Mobile?

We hope RW works for us… we just want to cover our bases. Thank you!

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All Republic 3.0 phones are North American factory unlocked and will work on T-Mobile.

The only carriers that will not take a VOIP number are Cricket and Google Voice.

T-Mobile will take a Republic number [I did this within the last month].

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A direct answer for you and others who may be lurking. There are only two service providers I’m aware of that as a matter of policy (not necessity) refuse to port VoIP and other numbers classified by the FCC as wireline (landline). Those two service providers are Cricket Wireless and Google Voice.


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