About a moto E4 plus phone wifi complications

so my phone is off and it show that it is connected to the internet but its say no internet access so i dont know if it because the phone is off or what but that dont make no sense for a phone to be conned but it say no intent access

Hi @orianas.rtg4jh and welcome to the Community!

I think we’ll need some clarification in order to try and help. What do you mean by the phone being off? Does that mean powered off? Or, do you mean it’s currently not activated with Republic or another service provider?

It is possible for a phone to be connected to WiFi yet lack Internet access if the WiFi network the phone is connected to itself lacks Internet access. So, some information on the WiFi network might help as well. Is this your home network? A network at work? Or, is it a public WiFi hotspot? And, does the lack of Internet access occur only on one WiFi network or more than one?

i mean it is not activated and it is home wifi i use my cousin wifi its xfinity wifi

but the internet bar be full to the top

i been trying for the past few days and its not working my boyfriend gave it to me so i can talk with him im on 18 so im not sure of what i should do my mom dont know i have it so she can help me but if she find out that i have it i will get in trouble but i know this is not for me to tell my life story on but i was just letting you know of how i got it and how tis not working

do u think u can help me

Here is a link to a tutorial on connecting your Moto E4 Plus to a Wi-Fi network:

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its not working right now cause im on school campus but ok i will take a look at it thank u

Hi orianas.rtg4jh, did you enter a username and password to connect to xfinity WiFi? Sometimes you get the “no internet access” message when you are connected to the WiFi, but need to enter your username and password. When you get this again, please open up the Chrome browser on your phone and navigate to a website. It may then trigger the username/password authentication to show up.


I have added a note to the Motorola instruction that @cbwahlstrom provided above

Have we gone thru the “is the phone compatible with RW” process, acquired a sim card and also installed the RW app yet?

I don’t think this is a Republic service-related question. I think it’s a more general question about Wi-Fi connectivity.

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