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I have a business that only needs a phone 3-4 months of the year. Is it possible for us to start a plan have it for 3 months and then cancel until the next year? And if we did this could we keep our same number every year?

Hi @tracyf.aeddsl

Republic Wireless does not have a ‘suspend’ account option, so it is not feasible. Holding onto the number is feasible, but would be so convoluted it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

You could open an account, cancel when not needed and port the number out to a holding service, reactivate the account when needed and port the number back in.

Still, other members may have alternative suggestions to consider.

pay the $20 to but the number on Google Voice

once there Google Voice have no other fees

when business is active activated a phone and forward the Google voice number

have Googel Voice override the dialer and display the Google Voice number

when business is inactive deactivate the phone and Google will keep the number

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