About to give up


What phone do you have? Moto Z Play 32G

What plan are you on? 1Gig/mo of data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

I am getting really bad phone service on wifi. It drops every oter word in & out. I have a very strong wifi at home but it is basically unusable. Also, in wifi hot spots I have the same problem No issue on cell. I think this started with the last update. I need to solve this or switch to another carrier since I use the phone for personal and business calls. I don’t seem to have any problem with data on wifi. I’ve posted this twice. The last response was:

" Please open a ticket with our help team, describe the issue you are having, and ask that they investigate it as part of master ticket 1487537."

Fine. I clicked on the open a ticket and got to the usual page with lots of run-around worthless choices but nowhere which said “Open a Help Ticket” so I am back here again. I’ve enlisted some outside help and determined that if I use the 500GHz “Media” channel on my router, the sound is pretty good. But my phone keeps forgetting that setting (Yes, I’ve removed the 2.4 networks) and i end up with no network access; cell all the time when I’m home so I’ve reactivated the 2.4 network so I don’t burn through data (I did anyway) so here I am.

If I can’t resolve this in a week I’m putting Republic in my rear view mirror. Sorry is this sounds threatening or bitter but I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer since just about the beginning and have recommended this service to at least 5 other people who have signed up. Heading for three months of using my land line at home because your service doesn’t work is shameful.


Does it sound at all like the sample I posted in the following thread here:

If the issue are not happening on cell, then is most likely is something with the wifi itslef, the ISP connection, or the phone itself.

It may be more confusing to try and have others help you from here and also RW staff via help ticket, but these are the basic troubleshooting steps I would think they would have you try.

Have you tried doing a “Network Reset” from the System settings? This will wipe and reset the phones network settings and wifi configs, then Refresh the Republic Activation, then reboot. Then re connect to your wifi network. Doing this has, in the past, helped clear up some users issues.


Hi @williamb.v26e6q,

Please know you’ve posted your inquiry to Republic’s online Community where generally members (other customers) do their best to help fellow members.

As much as we would like to, we are unable to directly assist with this issues as it does need to be investigated as part of the referenced master ticket. Please see if you are able to create the needed ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Tickets | Republic Wireless. If that fails, please direct email to help@republicwireless.com.

I appreciate you’ve attempted to do so before and understand the frustration. So, once you have the needed ticket number, if you return here and share it, we can ask staff for more urgent attention.


Hi @williamb.v26e6q,

I’ll be glad to open a ticket on your behalf, if you are unable to do so. This issue has a very simple fix, and I’m sorry to see you’ve been putting up with it since you last wrote to our Community in October.

We are redesigning the Help Center to make it more obvious how to open a ticket, but the “Open a ticket” button is at the bottom of the page.

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Hi @williamb.v26e6q,

I see that you were able to open a ticket and our support team is poised to take action so that the audio issues will be resolved. They are waiting for your reply and permission to take the next steps. If you’re not seeing their replies or you’re having trouble replying to the ticket, you can access it by logging in here: https://republicwireless.com/account/tickets/detail/?ticket-id=1572023

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Hi @williamb.v26e6q,

Was Republic support able to resolve your issue via your help ticket?

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