Abroad and rural coverage

I have had very poor to no service in Hartwell, GA using RW. We end up using my husband’s phone that is on ATT network.
Furthermore,in the past when traveling abroad, we didn’t have difficultly using WiFi and calling back to USA. Therefore we stayed with RW. However this year we have had massive issues, could not connect via wifi from any of the cities in Russia. Did have limited connectivity in St Petersburg, and Moscow. However none of the cities in between those two. I ended up using Skype. As a result, I am thinking about signing up with Google FI and see how they work. They also allow you to make international calls that is very appealing. (I was connected to WIFI, but I simply could not get through to USA )
Additionally, ATT prepaid appear enticing.
Would hate living Republic, however looks like others are more user friendly.

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